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Syncfusion Essential Studio 2021 Volume 4 Is Here!

Syncfusion is excited to announce to developers the availability of the final release of Essential Studio for the year 2021. Essential Studio 2021 Volume 4 comes with exciting new controls in .NET MAUI and feature enhancements and bugs fixes in other platforms.

Here is a brief description of the major changes in every platform.



  • The new AutoComplete control allows users to type a value and choose from the list of suggestions in the dropdown.
  • Contextual tab groups support in the Ribbon control allows the dynamic addition of tab groups.
  • Interact with the Ribbon control with unique keys of your choice from the keyboard.
  • The ComboBox is now available with the following features:
    • Tokens
    • Custom search
    • Custom filtering
  • All four file-format libraries are now compatible with WinUI:


The following new features are available in the Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.iOS platforms:

  • You can now export selected annotations to FDF and XFDF files using the PDF Viewer.
  • In the Image Editor control, you can now:
    • Use the clear-annotation feature to delete shapes, text, and custom views.
    • Add a unique ID for each shape you add.


  • The Diagram control was enhanced so you can:
    • Smartly, interactively group elements.
    • Interact with annotations at run time.
    • Dynamically add ports.
  • The PDF Viewer control can now:
    • Show and hide annotations programmatically.
    • Flatten PDF form fields without the save method (also available in UWP).
    • Throw an exception when loading a PDF file with an invalid password (also available in UWP).


  • All our Flutter widgets were migrated from using ThemeData to ColorScheme.
  • Multilevel label support in Cartesian charts allows easy categorization of axis labels.
  • The PDF Viewer allows loading and viewing encrypted PDF files.
  • Use a dropdown button to choose the number of rows to be displayed on each page in the DataGrid.
  • Data labels that overflow from their segments in pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel charts can now be trimmed, shifted, or hidden.


  • All the Syncfusion Blazor components are now compatible with .NET 6.
  • Newtonsoft.Json assembly were replaced with System.Text.Json in all the individual NuGet packages, except the Diagram (classic) and Word Processor components.
  • The new Signature component allows you to draw digital signatures.
  • The following components were developed to meet industry standards and are marked as production-ready:
  • The Breadcrumb component now comes with new modes to handle overflowing items: menu, wrap, scroll, and none.
  • Right-to-left support was provided for all the chart elements like legend, tooltip, data label, and title.
  • The Blazor TreeGrid user interface has been redesigned to provide a better viewing experience and usability on small screens.

Essential JS 2

  • The new Signature component allows you to draw digital signatures.
  • The TreeGrid component renders with an adaptive layout for mobile devices.
  • The Charts component was enhanced to support:
    • Grouped columns
    • Reversed legends
    • Right-to-left rendering
  • The Word Processor now matches the justified alignment behavior of the latest version of MS Word.
  • The Scheduler control now supports:
    • Custom month view
    • Time zone display names
    • Customized Excel exporting
    • Minimum event duration
    • Spanned events

File formats

  • PDF-to-PDF/A conversion was enhanced in .NET PDF Library:
    • PDF-to-PDF/A conversion is now twice as fast.
    • You can now convert PDF to PDF/A-2u and PDF/A-3u.
  • The Word-to-PDF conversion feature of .NET Word Library was enhanced to convert the Word documents with Unicode characters to PDF format similar to in Microsoft Word.


The features listed here are just some of the highlights in our Essential Studio 2021 Vol. 4 release. You can check out all the features in our release notes and on the What’s New page.

Try out these features and share your feedback as comments on this blog. You can also reach us through our support forums,  support portal or feedback portal.

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