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The WPF Syntax Highlighting and Code Editor control is a powerful text editor control similar to the Microsoft Visual Studio editor. It provides built-in syntax highlighting and code editing experience for popular languages, and allows users to create custom syntax highlighting of keywords and operators of their own language. It offers all the essential features end users expect, like syntax highlighting, editing, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, IntelliSense, line numbering, highlighting modified lines, custom language configuration, and more.

Syntax highlighting

Provides syntax highlighting for procedural programming and markup languages. Also allows users to customize built-in languages.

Built-in language highlighting

Offers built-in syntax highlighting and code editing experiences for the following languages:

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • XML
  • HTML
  • Java
  • XAML
  • SQL
  • PowerShell
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • Delphi

WPF Syntax Editor highlighting the codes for popular languages

Configure custom language

Allows users to create custom syntax highlighting of keywords and operators of their own language.

WPF Syntax Editor highlighting the code using keywords and operators


IntelliSense displays a pop-up with a list of code completion options to speed up coding by reducing typos and other common mistakes. Allows users to get the list of code completion words from any external assembly reference.

WPF Syntax Editor displays intellisense for complete words in code editing

Code outlining

Displays code blocks in tree structure and allows users to expand and collapse the code blocks interactively for readability. WPF Syntax Editor automatically chooses where to create outlines for built-in languages. Also allows users to create outlining for their own syntax highlighting.

Collapsed codes blocks in WPF Syntax Editor

Comment and uncomment codes

Support to comment or uncomment codes with the help of comment option of the WPF Syntax Editor. Allows users to select the required block of codes to comment. WPF Syntax Editor comments the current line when there is no selection.

Block of codes comment out in  WPF Syntax Editor

Tracking changes

Displaying markers at the start of lines modified after the file is loaded or after the last file save operation.

WPF Syntax Editor displays markers at the start of modified lines

Design IDE

Supports built-in commands to design development environment for popular languages. Provides commands for file (editing operations such as new, open, save, print, indent, and more).

Editing codes in WPF Syntax Editor

Undo and redo

Includes keyboard and context menu support for undo and redo operations that erase the last change in a document and reinsert it.

Undo and redo operations in WPF Syntax Editor

Clipboard operations

Provides clipboard operations such as cut, copy, and paste using keyboard and context menu.

Clipboard operations  in WPF Syntax Editor


Allows users to select the text interactively using mouse and keyboard. Users can select the text in touch environment by double tapping the text and extending the selection using touch pointer.

WPF Syntax Editor select lines using double tap in touch environment

Find occurrences of specified text with constraints such as match case, match whole words, and search directions. Also allows users to search text in a specific scope like current document or within selected content.

WPF Syntax Editor shows dialog to search word

Find and replace

Replace the specified text with the replacement text as per the conditions specified. Includes options to replace the first occurrence or all occurrences of the search text.

WPF Syntax Editor shows dialog to search and replace the word

Line numbers

Displays the line number at the start of a line for the users to identify the current number.

WPF Syntax Editor displays line number at beginning of the line

Highlight line

Support to highlight a particular line with different background color. It helps users differentiate a specific line from the non-highlighted lines.

WPF Syntax Editor highlight the line with different background

Navigation to the next character or word, or the start or end of a line can be done easily through keyboard. Allows users to jump to specific lines using go to line dialog.

WPF Syntax Editor shows go to line dialog

Context tooltip

Provides built-in interactive tooltips that appear automatically when the pointer is placed over a collapsed block of text.

WPF Syntax Editor displays collapsed code block in tooltip

Context menu

Provides built-in context menu support with editing, and selection operations such as cut, copy, paste and select all, and much more.

WPF Syntax Editor displays context menu

Status bar

Built-in status bar to display information about the current state of the control such as file path, encoding type, line number, and column number.

WPF Syntax Editor status bar

Single line mode

Make the syntax editor a simple text box with syntax highlighting, editing, and clipboard operations.

WPF Syntax Editor single line mode


Support to use WPF Syntax Editor as viewer control in order to view files and restrict code editing.

WPF Syntax Editor restrict code editing


Provides a rich set of built-in themes inspired by popular interfaces such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, and Expression Blend.

Visual Studio style  WPF Syntax Editor


Support to print syntax editor content either by using the print option from the print preview or programmatically. The print preview window allows users to choose page orientation, print entire document or the specific page, and number of copies to print.

WPF Syntax Editor display print preview for the content


The WPF Syntax Editor supports localization to translate the static text to any desired language.

WPF Syntax Editor localization


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