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The UWP Spreadsheet control is an Excel-inspired control that allows you to create, edit, view, and format Microsoft Excel files without having Excel installed. It provides an integrated ribbon to cover any possible business scenario, maximizing its ease of use. It ships with a built-in calculation engine with support for more than 400 of the most widely used formulas. It is built on Essential XlsIO, which features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries.

Compatible with Excel Versions 97 to 2016

Display and edit files based on all popular Excel file formats including XLS and XLSX. You can even open a file in one format and save it to another format.

spreadsheet compatible with excel versions

Ease of use with interactive UI

  • The spreadsheet ribbon provides a familiar, Excel-like user interface to help end users work with Excel files.
  • The ribbon can be easily customized to manipulate Excel workbooks.
  • You can create your own ribbon or toolbar to manipulate Excel workbooks using the predefined commands of the control.

Excel-like UI for UWP spreadsheet

High performance

UWP Excel viewer

Instant loading

Load and manipulate Excel workbooks with a large amount of data and any number of worksheets in less time with minimal memory consumption.

UWP spreadsheet scroll

Smooth scrolling

Provides a smooth scrolling experience even with many cells in a view.

Excel calculation for UWP spreadsheet

Formula calculation

Fast and efficient calculation engine with more than 400 Excel functions.

Data editing

Excel-like edit for UWP spreadsheet

Data editing

Provides support for editing with the ability to add, edit, and remove formulas in a cell. Users can also select the range reference directly using the mouse or keyboard while entering formulas, just like in Excel.

Data validation for UWP spreadsheet

Data validation

Provides support for validating the edited values based on the data validation rules defined for a cell or range of cells. Data validations can be applied with operators, alert messages, custom formulas, and drop-down lists.

Undo and redo operations for UWP spreadsheet control

Undo and Redo

Built-in support to undo and redo changes made in an Excel workbook. There is no limit to the number of undo and redo operations.

Clipboard operations UWP spreadsheet control

Clipboard operations

Provides support for clipboard operations with Excel-like paste options, enabling users to paste values or formulas with or without formatting.

Fill series like Excel

Drag fill

Allows users to easily fill or copy a series or pattern of values and formats into neighboring cells in any direction.

Hyperlinks and bookmarks for UWP spreadsheet

Built-in support for hyperlinks and bookmarks. Navigation through bookmarks to a specific cell or range of cells in a workbook is also supported as in Excel.


Supports a wide range of formulas with cross-sheet references, named ranges, table formulas, and array formula support.

Excel-like calculation for UWP spreadsheet

Built-in functions

Provides a built-in calculation engine which is preloaded with more than 400 Excel-compatible functions covering a broad range of business scenarios.

Autocalculation in UWP Excel viewer

Auto calculation

Built-in support to recalculate values when a precedent cell is edited.

Named ranges for UWP spreadsheet

Named ranges

Provides support for named ranges, which are used in formulas as substitutes for cell references. The built-in name manager allows you to add, edit, and delete names.

Styles and data formatting

Font formatting options for UWP spreadsheet


Provides support to import and modify various font formatting options like font size, font family, font styles, font color, and fill color.

UWP Excel viewer alignment and merging

Alignment and merge cells

Provides support to import and modify various alignments, merged cells, and wrap settings from Excel.

Excel-like number format in UWP spreadsheet

Number formats

Supports importing and modifying number formats such as currency, percentage, short date, long date, time, fraction, scientific, and custom number formats similar to Excel.

Import default styles in UWP Excel viewer

Table formats and built-in styles

Provides support to import table formats and predefined cell styles from Excel. Also provides support to format a range as a table and define cell styles at run time.

Conditional formatting

Provides support for conditional format which help to visually explore and analyze data, detect critical issues, and identify patterns and trends.

Conditional styling for UWP Excel viewer

Conditional styling

Support to format the appearance of cell based on its value or values of any other cell.

Data bars for UWP Excel viewer

Data bars

Supports data bars for easily spotting large and smaller numbers.

Color scales for UWP Excel viewer

Color scales

Support color scales for understanding data distribution and variations.

Icon sets for UWP spreadsheet control

Icon sets

Supports icon sets to distinguish data in three or five categories based on threshold value.

Charts and sparklines

Import charts from Excel to UWP spreadsheet


Provides support to import charts from Excel and can be defined at run time. This helps visually enhance the represented data.

Import sparklines from Excel to UWP spreadsheet


Provides support to import sparklines from Excel which visually represent data in a row.

Outlines (group)

  • Provides support to import outlines from Excel.
  • Also provides support to group or ungroup rows and columns at run time.

Group like Excel for UWP spreadsheet

Interactive features

Touch optimization for UWP spreadsheet control

Touch optimized

The spreadsheet control is touch optimized for all user interactions, similar to Excel.

Excel-like selection for UWP spreadsheet

Excel-like selection

Supports selecting a range of cells, rows, columns, and tables. Also supports all keyboard interactions with cell selections.

Excel-like cell comments for UWP spreadsheet

Cell comments

Provides support to import, add, edit, and delete cell comments.

Zooming in UWP Excel viewer


Provides support to zoom in and out of worksheet contents. Plus, the zoom level can be imported and exported to and from Excel.

Context menu for UWP Excel viewer

Context menu

Built-in support for cell and tab context menus. Custom context menu items can also be added.

Search and replace data in UWP Excel viewer

Find and replace

Provides support to search the data in a workbook and replace it efficiently with advanced search options. Also supports selecting all cells with formulas, conditional formatting, constants, and data validation.

Data management

Provides support to import and export data from various sources with the help of XlsIO as an intermediate.

Import and export data for UWP spreadsheets

Worksheet management

  • Row height and column width: Supports importing row heights and column widths from Excel. Also provides support to fit rows and columns based on their content.
  • Insert and delete: Supports inserting and deleting rows and columns in a single worksheet, or multiple worksheets in a workbook.
  • Hide and unhide: Supports hiding and unhiding rows and columns in a single worksheet, or across worksheets in a workbook.
  • Gridlines: Supports customizing the visibility and color of gridlines.
  • Headings: Supports controlling the visibility of row and column headers in a worksheet.

Manage work sheets in UWP Excel viewer


  • Provides support to protect worksheets with or without a password, and also provides various options to restrict user actions like row and column insertion, deletion, resizing, and more.
  • Provides support to protect the structure of a workbook.
  • Provides support to encrypt workbooks with a password to prevent users from opening them.

Protect worksheets in UWP spreadsheet


Provides support to localize all the static text in the ribbon and built-in dialogs to any desired language.

UWP spreadsheet localization


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