Microsoft Announces IoT Central

In April, Microsoft announced a new service to help alleviate the layers of headaches that can accompany building software for the Internet of Things. The solution, called IoT Central, is touted as an end-to-end, cloud-based software as a service to help developers build and support the back end... [More]

An Ode to Developers

(The following blog post was written by Nicholas Vella)I am not the greatest developer in the world. Not that it has stopped me from trying, and the constant, endless pursue of knowledge has taken me to the vast corners of the Internet, from the most popular blogs to questions on Stack Overflow e... [More]

Syncfusion Celebrates World Book Day

Sunday, April 23, was World Book Day, a celebration of reading and publishing designated by UNESCO. Syncfusion is proud to be contributing to the knowledge of the world with our Succinctly series, helping developers get a quick start on new technologies for free. We’ve published 113 e-books, and ... [More]