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Default and Custom Editors

The Xamarin.Forms DataForm includes built-in support for various editors to handle different data types, as well as custom editors. Built-in editors are automatically generated based on data annotations and the type of field. The following built-in editors are available:

Text editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Text Editor

Numeric editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Numeric Editor

NumericUpDown editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Numeric Up-Down Editor

Date picker in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Date Picker

Time picker in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Time Picker

Password editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Password Editor

Masked editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Masked Text Editor

DropDown editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Checkbox editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Checkbox Editor

Switch editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Switch Editor

Segment editor in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Segment Editor

Radio Group in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Radio Group Editor

Autocomplete in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Autocomplete Editor

Floating label layout

Xamarin.Forms DataForm editors are integrated with TextInputLayout, which provides floating and assistive labels, leading and trailing icons, and password toggle icon to show or hide password. Support has been provided to select either filled or described container for DataForm publishers based on the application’s requirement and appearance.

Password visibility toggling

Enable password toggle icon to show or hide the password interactively in DataForm password editor.

Password visibility toggling in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Assistive labels

Assistive labels provide more information about the DataForm editors.

Hint label in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Hint label

Avoid additional labels to provide more space to input view by adding hint text. It is moved from the middle to the top to show a floating label when the DataForm editors become active.

Helper text in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Helper text

Helper text provides additional information about the text to be entered.

Validation label in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Validation label

Validation label displays error text that assists in solving validation errors.

Counter label in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Counter label

The maximum characters to be entered in the text field can be displayed.

Leading and trailing views

Add leading and trailing icons to indicate the DataForm editors, such as birth date, phone number, and password.

Leading view in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Background color

This feature allows users to customize the background color of the editor view in floating label layout.

Editor Background color in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Hiding helper text

Provided support to hide the helper text in floating label layout based on the user’s requirement.

Appearance customization in Xamarin.Forms DataForm


CommitMode support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Commit Mode

Editing support is provided with the following commit modes that determine when an edited value should be updated in the data object.

  • LostFocus
  • PropertyChanged
  • Explicit

ReadOnly support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Read-Only Mode

The DataForm supports read-only display mode. It also allows specific fields to be made read-only.

Converters in Xamari.Forms DataForm


Support to show the original value in a different format or as different value using converters.

Two way binding support in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

Two-way data binding

The DataForm editors are always synced with the business object. When a business object is updated, the values of the DataForm editors are updated, and when a value is edited in the DataForm, business object values are updated.

Validation and error Indication

  • Built-in support to validate data and display error information based on INotifyDataErrorInfo and data annotations.
  • Different validation modes such as LostFocus, PropertyChanged, and explicit to determine when the value should be validated.
  • Provides support for custom validations.
  • Support to display a positive message on valid data fields.
  • Support to customize validation message using templates in DataForm.

Validation support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Custom data fields

Support to manually generate data fields without using data object. This is used to load data from another source such as Dictionary. It also has support to read and write from/to another data source.

Custom data fields support in Xamari.Forms DataForm


  • Group data fields with captions for better categorization.
  • Expand or collapse groups to easily navigate through more data fields.
  • Each group can have different columns.

Grouping support in Xamari.Forms DataForm


Provides support for linear and grid layouts.

Linear layout support in Xamari.Forms Data Form

Linear layout

The linear layout arranges items in a single column.

Grid layout support in Xamari.Forms Data Form

Grid layout

The grid layout arranges items in a predefined number of columns.

Order of the fields support in Xamari.Forms Data Form

Order of the fields

You can change the order of the fields regardless of the position in the data object to view it in the desired position.

Regenerate data fields support in Xamari.Forms Data Form

Regenerate data fields

Support to add or remove fields and regenerate fields dynamically to show the fields only when required.


Label position customization in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Label Position

You can position the labels to the left or at the top of the editor.

Label and Editor width customization in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Label and Editor width customization

You customize the label and editor width ratio to set the width proportionally based on the requirement.

Width and Height customization in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Width and Height Customization

Support to customize each data field’s width and height for better readability.

Watermark support in Xamari.Forms DataForm


Display watermarks to guide end users.

Show or Hide Fields

Support to show or hide data form fields dynamically based on the application needs.

Image label support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Image Label

Display labels with images for easy comprehension.

Exclude fields support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Exclude fields

Support to exclude specific fields of a data object in UI.

Data annotation support in Xamari.Forms DataForm

Data Annotations

Options to customize data form fields based on data annotation attributes.

Customization in Xamari.Forms DataForm


Complete control over label and editor customization.

Localization support in Xamari.Forms DataForm


The Xamarin.Forms DataForm supports localizing label text, group name, watermark, and validation messages in the desired language.

RTL support in Xamarin.Forms DataForm

RTL support

The Xamarin.Forms DataForm supports right to left (RTL) direction for users working in right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian.


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin.iOS
The most downloaded control (based on the nuget.org download count).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Syncfusion Xamarin DataForm provides the following:

  • 17 built-in and custom editors.
  • A floating label layout for editors that includes features such as assistive labels, leading and trailing icons, and a password toggle icon to show or hide passwords.
  • Grouped data fields for better categorization.
  • Built-in support to validate data and display error information.
  • Data fields that can be arranged in linear and grid layouts.
  • A read-only display mode.
  • Different types of commit mode: PropertyChanged, LostFocus, and Explicit.
  • Support to show the original value in a different format or as a different value using converters.
  • Support for localizing the label text, group name, watermark, and validation messages.
  • Right-to-left (RTL) rendering for users working in right-to-left languages like Hebrew, Arabic, or Persian.
  • Appearance customization.
  • Extensive demos and documentation to learn quickly and get started with Xamarin DataForm.

You can find our Xamarin DataForm demo here.

No, this is a commercial product and requires a paid license. However, a free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue, 5 or fewer developers, and 10 or fewer total employees.

A good place to start would be our comprehensive getting started documentation.

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