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The WinForms grid control is a cell-oriented control for displaying tabular data. Users can customize it down to the cell level. It can be used virtually, in which data is provided on-demand in real time, or the cell grid maintains data within its own internal structures. Its rich feature set includes editing, cell styling, data formatting, covered cells, various cell editors, clipboard operations, formulas, Excel-like selection, frozen rows and columns, exporting, and more.

High performance

winforms grid control instant loading

Instant Loading

Load millions of rows and columns in less time. Supports on-demand data loading.


Smooth Scrolling

Provides a smooth scrolling experience even with millions of rows and columns.

winforms grid control virtual mode

Virtual grid

On-demand data population lets you dynamically provide date to the grid by handling an event, QueryCellInfo, and it does not store data in its internal storage. This means the grid can be loaded with millions of rows and columns instantly.

winforms grid control internal storage

Internal storage

Users can populate the grid by storing cell styles in its internal storage. The cell style contains various properties for storing cell appearance and values.

Seamless editing experience

  • Support for built-in cell types such as checkbox, button, combobox, and more.
  • Embed any control in a cell to view or edit data.
  • Built-in data validation to validate cells and display error information.

winforms grid control editing

Excel-inspired formula calculation

  • The WinForms grid control (.NET grid) supports Excel-like formulas for calculating the value of a cell.
  • An extensive formula library that supports more than 400 built-in formulas. Users can add custom logic formula as required.
  • Supports cross-sheet references and named ranges similar to Excel.

winforms grid control formula calculations


  • Users can select a range of cells, rows, or columns with customizable selection color.
  • Enable Excel-like selection frame in the grid.

winforms grid control selection


winforms grid control data formatting

Data formatting

Users can customize cell styles at any level and format data as required. Customize each cell’s appearance by changing the font, background, borders, and more. Cell styles can be applied to any range of cells, rows, columns, and tables.

winforms grid control conditional formatting

Conditional formatting

Customize the appearance of cells, rows, or columns conditionally based on cell values.

Built-in themes

The WinForms Grid control (.NET Grid) provides built-in themes support to adapt the control to the rest of your business application. Some of the different built-in themes include:

  • Metro
  • Office 2016, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

Users can customize the built-in themes or write their own custom themes.

winforms grid control office2016 dark gray theme

Row and column resizing

  • Column width and row height can be adjusted (auto-fit) based on the content of any row, column, or column header.
  • Users can also resize the columns or rows like Excel by resizing column or row headers.

winforms grid control column resizing

Smooth scrolling

  • Supports both accelerated scrolling and deferred scrolling.
  • Common scroll bars can be used for two or more grids.
  • Tooltips display additional information when scrolling vertically or horizontally.

Scrolling documentation

winforms grid control scrolling

Excel-like features

Users can interact with the grid similar to Excel. Provides the following rich, Excel-like features:

  • Cell merging
  • OLE drag and drop
  • Cell comment
  • Fill and copy series
  • Freeze panes
  • Floating cells
  • Format cell dialog
  • Find and replace dialog
  • Split pane

winforms grid control ole drag and drop

Multiple document view

An MFC application is usually designed using the document-view pattern. Grid provides complete separation of its data and display details. This allows users to easily implement multiple views of the same data, similar to MFC document-view applications.

winforms grid control multiple views

Record navigation bar

  • Navigate between records easily using a navigation bar at the bottom of the grid using “RecordNavigationControl”.
  • Customize the record navigation bar appearance.
  • Supports built-in themes such as Metro, Office 2016, and more.

winforms grid control record navigation bar


Tooltips display additional hints or information about cells . Users can customize the appearance of the tooltips.

winforms grid control tooltip


View the grid content clearly by zooming in and out as required.

winforms grid control zooming

Importing and Exporting

winforms grid control virtual importing

Import and Export

  • Import a Microsoft Excel file and preserve the look and feel in the grid.
  • Importing documentation

  • A rich set of options for exporting data to Microsoft Excel file formats, PDF, CSV, Word, and HTML.

winforms grid control print illustration


Built-in support for print and print preview dialogs with numerous customization options.


Serialize the WinForms grid control (.NET grid) settings to XML, SOAP, Binary format, and load back (deserialization) to grid.

Serialization documentation

UI Automation

Compatible with Coded UI and UFT (formerly QTP) automation tools.

winforms grid control print illustration

WinForms Grid Code Example

Easily get started with the WinForms Grid using a few simple lines of C# code example as demonstrated below. Also explore our WinForms Grid Example that shows you how to configure a C# WinForms Grid.

using Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Grid;
namespace WindowsFormsApplication1
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()
            GridControl gridControl = new GridControl();
            gridControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
            gridControl.RowCount = 100;
            gridControl.ColCount = 100;


Frequently Asked Questions

The Syncfusion WinForms Grid Control provides the following:

  • Display data in a tabular format in virtual mode regardless of structured data.
  • Includes an Excel-like rich feature set that supports editing, selection, cell merging, cell comments, and more.
  • Completely customizable at any level of a cell, row, or column for an intuitive UI experience.
  • Allows entering algebraic expressions using formulas and cell references.
  • Export data from grid to Excel, PDF, Word, CSV, and HTML.
  • One of the best WinForms Grid Control in the market that offers a feature-rich UI.
  • Simple configuration and API.
  • Touch friendly and responsive.
  • Extensive demos and documentation to learn quickly and get started with WinForms Grid Control.

You can find our WinForms Grid Control demo on

GitHub location.

No, this is a commercial product and requires a paid license. However, a free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue, 5 or fewer developers, and 10 or fewer total employees.

A good place to start would be our comprehensive getting started documentation.

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