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The .NET MAUI ListView control is used to present lists of data in a vertical or horizontal orientation with different layouts virtually. It supports essential features such as selection, template selectors, horizontal and vertical orientation, load more, autofitting items, and more. The control also supports sorting, grouping, and filtering with optimization for working with large amounts of data.

.NET MAUI ListView Code Example

Easily get started with the .NET MAUI ListView using a few simple lines of XML code as demonstrated below. Also explore our .NET MAUI ListView example that shows you how to render and configure .NET MAUI ListView.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<ContentPage xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/dotnet/2021/maui"

  <local:BookInfoRepository />

   <syncfusion:SfListView x:Name="listView" 
                   ItemsSource="{Binding BookInfo}" />

Data binding

The ListView has data binding support to work out-of-the box with popular data sources such as List, ObservableCollection, and many more.

.NET MAUI ListView with data binding

Different layouts

Data can be displayed in different layouts such as linear and grid. Both layouts are supported in the horizontal list view as well.

.NET MAUI ListView with linear layout

Linear layout

The linear layout arranges items linearly in a single column vertically or a single row horizontally.

.NET MAUI ListView with grid layout

Grid layout

The grid layout arranges items in a predefined number of columns and the number of columns can be changed.

.NET MAUI ListView with item template customization

Custom template

Display any view or control in ListView items using data templates. The control supports customizing each item by dynamic selection of the UI using a data template selector.

Horizontal ListView

Easily customize and load data items in a horizontal orientation based on your business needs.

.NET MAUI ListView with horizontal orientation view

.NET MAUI ListView with item swipe view

Item swipe

The .NET MAUI ListView associates custom actions to swipe views. Swipe views are displayed by swiping an item from left to right or right to left.


Built-in support for single and multiple selection as well as tap, double-tap, and hold selection gestures.

.NET MAUI ListView with items selection

.NET MAUI ListView with drag and drop

Drag and drop

Reorder items by dragging them with a long press or from the drag indicator view. The control supports customizing the appearance of drag items while dragging.

Load more

The .NET MAUI ListView supports loading data at runtime automatically, manually, or when the user reaches the end of the list. Users can also load more data manually at the top of the list. The loading indicator and load more buttons are fully customizable.

.NET MAUI ListView with loading data on demand

Expandable ListView

Display the ListView items in an accordion view. Each item can be expanded or stretched to reveal the content associated with that item. No items, exactly one item, or more than one item can be expanded at a time depending on the configuration.


Sort data in the ascending or descending order programmatically and by using XAML as well. Apply custom sorting logic to sort data when conventional techniques do not meet the requirement.

.NET MAUI ListView with sorting

.NET MAUI ListView with grouping


Group items with easy-to-use APIs based on specific categories and custom grouping logic with customizable templates. Groups can be expanded or collapsed. Set sticky group headers at the top when scrolling the items.


Easily filter or search the data items in ListView by setting a predicate to the data source.

.NET MAUI ListView with filtering

.NET MAUI ListView with auto row height

AutoFit row height

Automatically adjust row heights based on their content to enhance readability and visibility, thereby creating a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design.

The .NET MAUI ListView supports to display header and footer at the top and bottom of the control.

.NET MAUI ListView with header

Display the header at the top as well as create that header as sticky on scrolling.

.NET MAUI ListView with footer

Users can customize the appearance and size of the footer in ListView with sticky on scrolling at the bottom of the list.

ListView style

Customize the appearance of items in ListView with spacing, sizing, and styling options.

.NET MAUI ListView with item space


Specify the required space between ListView items for an elegant look and feel.

.NET MAUI ListView with custom item size


Customize the size of the header, footer, group header, and items in a ListView, and also autofit the items based on their content.

.NET MAUI ListView with alternate row styles

Alternative row style

Apply alternate row styles to items based on specific conditions for better data readability.

.NET MAUI ListView with items with conditional style customization

Conditional style

Apply styling for each item in the ListView based on different conditions. Users can apply styling to a particular view of an item or an entire item based on the property values of the business object.

.NET MAUI ListView items with rounded corners

Rounded corners on items

Users can customize ListView items with rounded corners to match the native user experience.

.NET MAUI ListView items with drop shadow effects

Shadow effects on items

Users can customize the appearance of ListView items to show drop shadow effects using frames.

Dynamic height

Fit the height of the items when the size of the content in the items changes at run time.

.NET MAUI ListView with dynamic item height

Right to left .NET MAUI ListView

Right to left

The ListView supports changing the flow direction of the text from right to left in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Real-time updates

Automatically handles UI updates when adding new items and deleting items in the underlying collection. Updates sorting and grouping when changing business objects.

.NET MAUI ListView with localization


All static text within the ListView can be localized to a different language for specific cultures.

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