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Syncfusion .NET MAUI Control Demos Are Now Available at App Stores

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Control Demos Are Now Available at App Stores

We are excited to announce that the Syncfusion .NET MAUI control demos are now available in the app stores. Syncfusion offers a wide range of .NET MAUI controls and document processing libraries, providing everything you need to build modern mobile and desktop applications for platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac Catalyst, and Windows.

To start off 2023, we have published our sample browser, which contains demos of our .NET MAUI controls, in the app stores for your convenience. With these demos, you can easily explore the capabilities of our controls and see how they can enhance your apps’ development. Whether you are building a new app or looking to upgrade your current app, Syncfusion’s .NET MAUI controls are the perfect solution.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls

Syncfusion offers the following 35+ .NET MAUI controls and file-format libraries:

DataGridCartesian ChartCircular Chart
Funnel ChartPyramid ChartRadial Gauge
Linear GaugeMapsBarcode Generator
BackdropListViewText Input Layout
SchedulerCalendarTab View
PDF ViewerAutocompleteComboBox
SliderRange SliderRange Selector
DateTime SliderDateTime Range SliderDateTime Range Selector
Badge ViewBusy IndicatorLinear ProgressBar
Circular ProgressBarAvatar ViewEffects View
Excel LibraryPDF LibraryWord Library
PowerPoint Library  

Syncfusion’s .NET MAUI sample browser demos

Syncfusion’s .NET MAUI sample browser is a comprehensive app that showcases the capabilities of our .NET MAUI controls. You can deploy this app on various devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It can adapt to different screen sizes to provide an optimal user experience on mobile and desktop devices. The app also includes a settings page and code viewer navigator to help you customize and explore the demos.

This is a valuable resource for anyone looking to incorporate Syncfusion controls into their .NET MAUI apps. It features a wide range of demos that showcase real-world use cases, making it easy to see how these controls can be used in your projects. The controls are user-friendly and highly customizable, making them an excellent choice for developers who want to add rich, feature-packed functionalities to their apps. Whether you’re looking to build a mobile or desktop app, the Syncfusion .NET MAUI sample browser is an essential tool for anyone looking to take advantage of these robust controls.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Sample Browser Demos
Syncfusion .NET MAUI Sample Browser Demos

How to get and install the .NET MAUI sample browser app

The Syncfusion .NET MAUI sample browser app is available on the Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows stores.

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Sample Browser App
Syncfusion .NET MAUI Sample Browser App

.NET MAUI demos for Android

Download the Syncfusion .NET MAUI demos for Android devices from the Google Play Store or scan the following QR code.

.NET MAUI demos for Android

.NET MAUI demos for Windows

Install the .NET MAUI demos for Windows from the Microsoft Store or scan the following QR code.

.NET MAUI demos for Windows

.NET MAUI demos for iOS

According to Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines (section 2.2 on beta testing), we cannot upload our Syncfusion .NET MAUI sample browser app to the App Store. We understand and respect the guidelines set forth by Apple.

However, you can still experience the app in an iOS device. You can install our .NET MAUI demos for iOS using the TestFlight app on your device. Or you can scan the following QR code to get them.

.NET MAUI Demos for iOS

.NET MAUI demos for macOS

Install the .NET MAUI demos for macOS from the App Center or scan the following QR code to download them.

.NET MAUI demos for macOS

View demo code on GitHub

You can also find the complete code examples for Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls on the GitHub repository.

.NET MAUI demos on GitHub


Thanks for reading! In this blog, we have seen the availability of Syncfusion .NET MAUI control demos in the app stores for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows platforms. These demonstrations go through the capabilities and features of our controls in detail and help you build elegant, high-performance, and cross-platform apps. Try them out and leave your feedback in the comments section below!

For questions, you can contact us through our support forum, support portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

I hope the demos are helpful and informative and you will consider using the Syncfusion .NET MAUI controls for your next project. Happy coding!

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Comments (4)

I tried the flutter demo and maui demo and it was clear that the flutter is much more smooth than maui.
is this correct, and does that means that it will be the same in future or maui will enhance performance ?


We value your input and thank you for trying our demos. This difference is partly due to MAUI still being in its early stages of development. However, rest assured that our team is dedicated to enhancing the performance of MAUI and making improvements over time. As technology advances, we consistently aim to deliver the best user experience possible.

How can I test the NET MAUI controls on iOS? The link provided is only to install Testflight, but you need a link or an invitation to join.


The link is embedded in the word “iOS” under the title .NET MAUI demos for iOS in this blog. For convenience providing the link below. Using this link you can explore our .NET MAUI controls demos.

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