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Syncfusion Essential Studio 2021 Volume 3 Is Here!

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2021 Volume 3 Is Here!

Syncfusion is happy to announce the availability of the third major release of Essential Studio in 2021. Essential Studio 2021 Volume 3 is packed with new controls, features, and bug fixes in various components on different platforms.

We are also excited to introduce brand new controls in the new .NET platform, MAUI.

This blog will provide a brief description of the major highlights of different components in every platform.


  • In our first-ever release for MAUI, we have included the following controls:
    • Charts
    • Radial Gauge
    • Tab View
  • The .NET MAUI Charts control provides a perfect way to visualize data. Its key features include:
    • Chart types: Cartesian and circular charts.
    • Interactions: Tooltip, selection, zooming, and panning.
    • Data binding: Map data from a specified path.
  • The .NET MAUI Radial Gauge control is a data visualization control that displays numerical values on a circular scale. Its key features include:
    • Easily customizable axis elements such as labels, ticks, and axis lines.
    • Pointers to indicate values on the axis. The three types of pointers supported are:
      • Needle
      • Marker
      • Range
    • Add multiple controls such as text and images as annotations.
  • The .NET MAUI Tab View is a simple, intuitive interface for tab navigation. Its key features include:
    • Nested tab support with different header placements.
    • Fixed and scrollable tab headers.
    • Image and text support for headers.


  • The following controls are developed to meet industry standards and are marked as production-ready:
  • The new WinUI Segmented control provides a simple way to choose from a set of two or more segments, each of which functions as a mutually exclusive option.
  • The new WinUI ComboBox control allows users to type a value or choose an option from a list of predefined options.
  • The WinUI Scheduler now supports:
    • Different calendar types, such as:
      • Gregorian,
      • Korean,
      • Hebrew, and more.
    • Quick navigation among different views using view types listed in the header.
  • The WinUI DataGrid now has built-in time and numeric columns.


  • The following enhancements have been made in the Flutter DataGrid widget:
    • Export content such as rows, stacked header rows, and summary rows to Excel and PDF formats with several customization options.
    • Resize the columns of the DataGrid by tapping and dragging the right border of the column header.
    • Show an additional unbound row to display a summary or totals.
  • The following enhancements have been made in the Flutter Charts widget:
    • The error bar series type has been added to indicate errors or uncertain values in the data.
    • Smartly place the pie and doughnut chart data labels without them intersecting with one another.
  • In the Futter Calendar widget, rescheduling the appointments is easy with resize and drag-and-drop support.
  • In the Flutter PDF Viewer widget, you can now scroll through pages by swiping or scrolling horizontally.


  • The Xamarin.Forms PDF Viewer now supports customizing the properties of each stroke included in the PDF document.
  • The Xamarin.Forms Rich Text Editor now supports word wrap, which transfers a word from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next line in scenarios where space is constrained.
  • The Xamarin.Forms Masked Entry now supports spell checking, text prediction, and automatic text correction of input text.


  • All Syncfusion Blazor UI components now support Bootstrap 5 themes.
  • The following new components are introduced in the Blazor platform:
  • The Blazor DataGrid component now supports:
    • Adaptive layout for an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices.
    • Content templates to control the rendering of the column chooser.
    • Custom sort comparers to customize the default sort action for a particular column by writing its sorting logic.
  • The loading performance of the Blazor Chart is greatly improved:
    • Improvement in the server-side Blazor application:
      No. of records10k50k100k1000k
    • Improvement in the WebAssembly Blazor application:
      No. of records10k50k100k1000k

Essential JS 2

  • All the Essential JS 2 UI controls now support Bootstrap 5 themes.
  • A new Breadcrumb component has been introduced, which provides a graphical user interface that identifies or highlights the current location within the hierarchical structure of a website.
  • The DataGrid control now supports:
    • Sticky headers to fix the header position when scrolling so that users can visualize the DataGrid content along with the column header.
    • Infinite scrolling with keyboard navigation.
  • The Word Processor now supports:
    • Preserving tables with their position properties when viewing a Word document.
    • Enabling and disabling the following pagination properties of paragraphs in Word documents:
      • Widow/orphan control.
      • Keep with next.
      • Keep lines together.


  • The WPF Scheduler now supports:
    • Different calendar types such as:
      • Gregorian,
      • Korean,
      • Hebrew, and more.
    • Quick navigation among different views using view types listed in the header.
  • The WPF PDF Viewer now supports:
    • Locking annotations to keep them from being edited.
    • Zooming the PDF content up to 6400% without any performance degradation.

File formats

.NET PDF Library

The .NET PDF Library now supports:

  • Rotating form fields 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.
  • Tracking the progress of PDF to PDF/A conversion.
  • Advanced typography glyphs, which improve the shaping of Arabic text in PDF documents.

.NET Word Library

  • The .NET Word Library now supports preserving comments while converting a Word document to a PDF file.

.NET PowerPoint Library

  • The .NET PowerPoint Library now supports encrypting and decrypting a presentation document by using a password in .NET Core and Xamarin platforms.


The features listed here are just some of the highlights in our Essential Studio 2021 Volume 3 release. You can check out the list of all the features in our release notes and on the What’s New page.

Try out these features and share your feedback as comments on this blog. You can also reach us through our support forums, Direct-Trac, or feedback portal.

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