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What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components


What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components

2021 Volume 3 boosts our Blazor offerings with new Breadcrumb and Icon components, a new Bootstrap 5 theme, and responsive layout for mobile devices in DataGrid.


.NET 6 Release Candidate 1 compatibility

All Syncfusion Blazor components are compatible with .NET 6 Release Candidate 1.

Blazor Components .NET 6 RC1 compatibility

Bootstrap 5 theming

A Bootstrap 5 theme has been added with light and dark variants to all Syncfusion Blazor UI components.

Bootstrap 5 CSS theming.

New components

The following components have been added to Blazor.

  • Breadcrumb
  • Icon

The Breadcrumb component is a graphical user interface that helps identify a current location within the hierarchical structure of a website. The aim is to make the user aware of their current position in a hierarchy of website links.

Syncfusion Blazor Breadcrumb component preview.

Icon (Preview)

The Icon component is a new Blazor UI component that helps to render an icon in a web application. The aim is to easily reuse the set of Base64-formatted font icons being used in Syncfusion Blazor components. The component comes with options to customize an icon’s title, size, and color, and it supports third-party icon integration.

Syncfusion Blazor Icon component preview.


Performance improvement

In Blazor Charts, performance has been improved in the following scenarios:

  • Load large amounts of data with ease. Metrics are shared below.

  • Dynamic updates like chart type changes, legend customization, axis range customization, annotations, and so on are now faster since they’re element specific.

  • Zooming and panning are now quick and smooth.

Server-side performance metrics:

Server Performance

WebAssembly performance metrics:

WASM Performance

Data Grid

Adaptive UI Layout Support for Mobile Devices

The Data Grid user interface is customized and redesigned for better views and usability on small screens. The customized features include responsive row rendering, filtering, sorting, searching, and editing.

Blazor Data Grid in Adaptive UI layout for mobile devices

Content Template for Column Chooser

This feature allows users to have control over the rendering of the column chooser. Users can also group checkbox items, display them in treeview, etc.

Column chooser template in Blazor Data Grid

Custom Sort Comparer

Allows users to customize the default sort action for a particular column by writing its own sorting logic and related grouping action is performed based on it.

Word Processor

Table position

This feature preserves tables with position properties when viewing a Word document.

Table position in Word document.

Paragraph pagination properties

This feature allows the user to enable or disable the following pagination properties for the paragraphs in a Word document:

  • Widow/Orphan control
  • Keep with next
  • Keep lines together

Paragraph pagination properties in Word documents.

Text measuring improvement

This feature improves the accuracy of text size measurements such as to match Microsoft Word pagination for most Word documents.

Gantt Chart

Header template

Display a custom element’s value or content in the grid header.

Header template in Blazor Gantt Chart.


Responsiveness will be based on the client browser’s or parent container’s width and height.

Responsive Blazor Gantt Chart.

Dependency custom validation

Custom validation of task dependencies during CRUD operations can be done at the application end.


Observable collection

Render the Kanban component using the DataSource property with observable collection objects. This feature sends notifications when items are added, removed, and updated.

ExpandoObjects and dynamic objects

Bind data to the Kanban component as a list of ExpandoObjects or dynamic objects whose model type is unknown during compile time.


Online map providers

Online map providers, such as ESRI, TomTom, and MapBox, can now be rendered in the Blazor Maps component. Markers, clusters, navigation lines, and more features are supported by these online map providers.

Zooming toolbar

The zooming toolbar in the Blazor Maps component, which includes zoom in, zoom out, panning, reset, and tooltip options, can now be customized in terms of appearance. This includes the fill color, background color, border color, icon color, font settings, spacing, padding, width, and other options.

Zooming toolbar customization in Blazor Maps.

PDF Library

Rotate the form fields

Rotate the form fields in PDF documents programmatically.


Import and export form data enhancement

Import or export the form data from different PDF processing libraries and applications.

Arabic text drawing enhancement

Draw Arabic text with advanced typography glyphs to improve its shaping.

PDF Viewer


Performance has been improved while adding and editing annotations interactively in Blazor Web Assembly applications. You can add and edit annotations seamlessly, now.

Pivot Table

Data labels in Pivot Chart

This feature allows the Pivot Chart data labels to be customized in terms of angle, alignment, border, color, margin, position, visibility, and more.

Data Labels in Blazor Pivot Table

PowerPoint Library

Encryption and decryption support

PowerPoint Library now allows encrypting and decrypting a presentation document by using a password.


Virtual scroll mask

In this feature, a loading placeholder indicator is shown while scrolling until the appointment is visible in the UI.

Virtual scroll mask in Blazor Scheduler.

Header indent template

This feature provides a template to indent the header cells.

Header indent template in Blazor Scheduler.

Observable collection

The Blazor Scheduler component supports binding ObservableCollection as events data. Notifies when items are added, removed, and updated.

ExpandoObject and DynamicObject binding

This feature is used to bind data to the Scheduler component as a list of ExpandoObjects or DynamicObjects whose model type is unknown during compile time.

Custom sort comparer

Users can customize the default sort action for overlapping appointments by writing their own sorting logic.


Column Virtualization

Boost performance by rendering only the columns in the viewport. All other columns are rendered dynamically when scrolling the horizontal scroll bar.

Column Chooser Template

Customization can be done to the content and footer of the column chooser. Also, group checkbox items, display them in tree view, etc.

Virtual Scrolling in Blazor Tree Grid.

Custom Validation for Editing

Custom validation of records during CRUD operations can be done at application end.

Virtual Scrolling in Blazor Tree Grid.

Paste and Autofill

Copy the selected cells and paste it in multiple cells of tree grid rows. Also, select multiple consecutive cells and drag those to copy the selected cell values and paste them in subsequent cells like Microsoft office Excel.

Virtual Scrolling in Blazor Tree Grid.

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