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What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components


What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components

The last release of the year improves Syncfusion’s Blazor suite with three new components, .NET 7 support, and on-demand loading in the Gantt Chart.


.NET 7 support

Provided .NET 7 support for All Syncfusion Blazor components.

Syncfusion Blazor Components .NET 7 Support

End of support for .NET 3.1

Syncfusion Blazor components will no longer support .NET 3.1 as it has reached its end of support cycle on 13th December, 2022. We will continue to support .NET 6 and .NET 7. We recommend that you upgrade to .NET 6 to take advantage of the new features and components in the latest release. If you are unable to update to .NET 6, you may continue to use version 20.3 in your .NET 3.1 projects.

New components

The following components have been added to Blazor.

  • Media Query
  • Mention
  • Rating

Preview to production-ready components

The following components have been developed to meet industry standards and are now marked production-ready:

  • AppBar
  • Floating Action Button (FAB)
  • Message
  • Speed Dial

Mention component (preview)

The @Mention component can be used to display a pop-up suggestion list whenever the designated mention character is entered into a text box, rich text editor, or other editable element.

Key features:

  • Data binding: Binds the list of items from local and remote data sources, such as IEnumerable data, OData, WCF, and RESTful web services.
  • Grouping: Groups the logically related items under a single or specific category.
  • Filtering: Filters the list items based on a character typed in the component.
  • Sorting: Sorts the list items in alphabetical order (either ascending or descending).
  • Highlight search: Highlights the typed text in the suggestion list.
  • Templates: Customize list items, display values, no records, and spinner loading content.
  • Accessibility: Includes built-in accessibility support to access all the Mention component features using keyboards, on-screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.

Blazor Mention Component Demo


DateOnly support

This support enables the Calendar to use the new DateOnly struct.


Formatting data labels

It is now possible to format data labels in the chart, and it supports all global formats.

Formatting Data Labels in Blazor Chart

Spline range area chart

Provided support for a new spline range area chart type which is used to display the difference between minimum and maximum values over a certain time period.

Blazor Spline Range Area Chart

Dashed legends

Provided support for dashed legends for dashed line series.

Dashed Legend in Blazor Chart


Masked date input

This feature helps users to enter valid dates in the right format and eliminates data input mistakes.

Masked date input.

DateOnly support

This support enables DatePicker to use the new DateOnly struct.


DateOnly support

This support enables the DateRangePicker to use the new DateOnly struct.


Masked date-time input

This feature helps users enter valid dates and times in the right format and eliminates data input mistakes.

Masked date-time input.


Overview control

This feature allows users to see a preview or an overall view. Users can look at the overall picture of a large diagram and also navigate, pan, or zoom a particular area of the page.

Panning and zooming of org chart diagram using overview feature.

Business process model and notation (BPMN) shapes

Business process model and notation (BPMN) is a standard way to represent business processes graphically. You can create a BPMN diagram from code or the visual interface with built-in BPMN shapes described by the BPMN 2.0 specification.

Book lending process created with built-in BPMN shapes.

Word Processor

Multi-column layout

This feature allows users to display the text in multiple-column layout in the Word Processor component. Using this feature, users can format documents in multiple columns like a newspaper.

Display the text in multiple-column layout in the Blazor Word Processor.

Gantt Chart

On-demand data loading or lazy loading

Load data from remote web services as and when needed in the Gantt Chart component. With the virtual scrolling feature, users can retrieve data from remote services for the current viewport alone and the remaining data can be retrieved on demand while scrolling. Find the demo link here.

Right to left (RTL)

Improve user experience and accessibility for those who work with RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic by switching the text direction and layout of the Gantt Chart component from right to left.

RTL in Blazor Gantt Chart.

Create tasks with drag and drop

For tasks without start and end dates, users can schedule them with a simple drag and drop action into the Gantt Chart’s specific timeline area. Find more details in the documentation here.

Create tasks with drag action in Blazor Gantt Chart.


Copy selected rows or cells to the clipboard. Copied data can be pasted to external mediums like a Microsoft Excel sheet. Find the demo link here.

Data Grid

Row drag and drop with virtualization

Reorder rows by dragging and dropping them, when row and column virtualization features are enabled.

Blazor Data Grid row drag and drop with virtualization

Media Query (Preview)

The Blazor Media Query component tracks changes in the browser size and allows you to create a responsive layout easily. It supports predefined breakpoints ( Small (max-width: 768px), Medium (min-width: 768px), and Large (min-width: 1024px)) as well as custom breakpoints.

Blazor Rating

PDF Library

Lock digital signature in PDF

A digital signature is used to ensure the integrity and authenticity of a PDF document. Now, the Syncfusion PDF Library includes a feature to lock individual signatures in a PDF document. If the signature is locked, users cannot copy, edit, or extract from the PDF document.

Locked signatures in PDF

Animation support in 3D annotations

3D annotations are used to embed 3D objects in a PDF document. These annotations can be interactively viewed with PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit, and others. Now, the Syncfusion PDF Library supports adding animation to 3D annotations. This animation can be played by the PDF viewer application.

Animated 3D Annotation in PDF


Render digital signatures

Now, the PDF Viewer component renders digital signatures in the existing PDF documents in a non-interactive way to avoid data loss while viewing. Its integrity is preserved if no editing operation is performed.

PDF document with digital signature in the  PDF Viewer

Pivot Table

Display sub-totals at the top/bottom of the group

Allows sub-totals to be displayed in the Pivot Table’s row and column axes at the top or bottom position in their group.

Display sub-totals at top or bottom position in Blazor Pivot Table.

PowerPoint Library

Find and replace

The Syncfusion PowerPoint Library now supports the find functionality in PowerPoint presentations. Users can perform the following actions using this feature:

  • Find and replace text in all PowerPoint slides or a specific slide.
  • Replace text by matching case, whole words only, all occurrences, or first occurrence alone.

Find and replace in Blazor

Find and highlight

Using the find functionality in the PowerPoint Library, users can find and highlight text in all presentation slides or a specific slide.

Find and highlight in Blazor

Query Builder

Unique filter support

Once a filter condition is created for a field, you can prevent creating further conditions in a group or for all groups.

Rating (Preview)

The Blazor Rating component lets a user provide a star rating or view other people’s ratings in a numeric scale for any service or product.

Key features

  • Precision: Provide more accurate ratings with different precision options (full, half, quarter, exact).
  • Label: Express rating values with custom labels.
  • Tooltip: Guide users by displaying the current rated value in a tooltip on hover.
  • Template: Customize the rating star with any icon or template.

Blazor Rating

Rich Text Editor

@Mention integration

Easily integrate the @mention feature into the Rich Text Editor to display a suggestion list of items that users can select or tag. Once the user types the @ character in the editor, the suggestion list is shown and the user can select or tag a value from it. Find the demo link here.

Mention integration


Custom workdays

This feature allows users to customize workdays when the resources are grouped by date. Find the demo link here.

Blazor Scheduler custom workdays


Masked time input

This feature helps users enter valid times in the right format and eliminates data input mistakes.

Masked time input.

TimeOnly support

This support enables the TimePicker to use the new TimeOnly struct.

Tree Grid

Shimmer loading placeholder

Improve visualization of loading data in the virtual scrolling feature, by showing a placeholder in each tree grid cell until the scrolling operation is completed. Find the demo link here.

Shimmer effect as loading indicator in Blazor Tree Grid

Visual Studio Code Extension

Improved the Syncfusion Blazor Visual Studio Code extensions by providing.NET 7.0 support in the Syncfusion Blazor project template, plus support for conversion, migration, and code snippet tools.

Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio

Visual Studio Extension

Improved the Syncfusion Blazor Visual Studio 2022 extensions by providing .NET 7.0 support to the Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio for creating Syncfusion Blazor apps. The extensions also support conversion, migration, code generation, and scaffolding.

Syncfusion Blazor Template Studio

Word Library

Word-to-Markdown conversion

The Syncfusion Word Library now supports converting an existing Word document or a new document created from scratch using the Word Library to a Markdown file. Users can also customize the image data while converting a Word document to Markdown.

Word-to-Markdown conversion in Blazor

Save chart as image

Provided support to convert charts in Word documents to images.

Save chart as image in Blazor

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