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What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components


What’s New in Syncfusion Blazor Components

2023 Volume 1 boosts our Blazor collection with production-ready Mention and Rating controls, a critical path feature in the Gantt Chart, and paging and server-side engine support in the Pivot Table.


Preview to production-ready components

The Rating and Mention components have been developed to meet industry standards. They are now marked as a production-ready components for Blazor.


Virtual scrolling

The AutoComplete control has been improved with virtual scrolling functionality. This makes the scrolling experience smoother and more responsive, providing an enhanced user experience when navigating through long lists of items.

AutoComplete virtual scrolling



Provided support to sort the chart’s data points in either ascending or descending order. Also, chart data can be sorted based on any field from the data source assigned.


Tooltip - performance improvement

Improved the chart tooltip’s performance for larger amounts of data and when live updates are enabled in both server and WASM applications.


Virtual scrolling improvement

The ComboBox has been improved with virtual scrolling functionality. This makes the scrolling experience smoother and more responsive, providing an enhanced user experience when navigating through long lists of items.

ComboBox virtual scrolling


Support for DateOnly and TimeOnly

These features allow users to easily bind and manage date and time only values. Users can perform all sorts of data operations such as sorting, filtering, grouping, searching, and CRUD (create, read, update, delete). To make things even easier, built-in DatePicker and TimePicker editor components are rendered for editing and filtering purposes.

Blazor DataGrid with DateOnly column Blazor DataGrid with TimeOnly column


Auto scroll support for node

This feature automatically scrolls the diagram whenever the node is moved beyond the boundary of the diagram so that the node is always visible during dragging, resizing, and multiple selection operations.

Auto scrolling of node while dragging in the Blazor Diagram component

Word Processor

Continuous section break

This feature allows users to display a new section on the same page. The continuous section break is often used to change the number of columns for a part of content without starting a new page.

Illustration of multiple sections and multiple columns in the Word Processor component.

Drag and drop selected content

This feature allows users to drag and drop the selected content within the Word Processor component. It helps the editor move the content from one place to another.

Illustrates dragging and dropping the selected content in the Word Processor component.

Show/hide bookmarks

Show or hide the start and end of bookmarks in the Word Processor component. It displays square brackets at the beginning and end of each bookmark.

Illustrates how the start and end marks of a bookmark is displayed in the Word Processor component.

Optimize SFDT file size

The SFDT file generated by the Word Processor component is now optimized to reduce the file size. All static keys are minified, and the final JSON string is compressed. This helps reduce the SFDT file size relative to a DOCX file and provides the following benefits,

  • File transfer between client and server through the internet gets faster.
  • The new optimized SFDT files require less storage space than the old SFDT files.

This feature comes with a public API to switch between the old and new optimized SFDT format, allowing backward compatibility.

Virtual scrolling

The Dropdown List has been improved with virtual scrolling functionality. This makes the scrolling experience smoother and more responsive, providing an enhanced user experience when navigating through long lists of items.

Dropdown List virtual scrolling

Excel Library

Slicer support for Excel tables

Users can now programmatically create slicers for Excel tables to filter table data in Excel files. This feature provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to filter data quickly by selecting options from the slicer. With this new capability, users can quickly, more efficiently, and more accurately analyze and manipulate their data in Excel files.

Slicer in Excel in Blazor

Excel-to-PDF conversion enhancements

Our Excel-to-PDF conversion has been updated to provide the following enhancements. These enhancements ensure that the Excel document’s appearance is maintained in the resultant PDF document:

  • Preserves gradient fill for cells and shapes.
  • Preserves cell formats that are applied through date-occurring conditional formatting.

Excel to PDF in Blazor

File Upload

Large file upload

The File Upload component has been optimized to handle large files, specifically those that are 2 GB or larger. This enhances the user experience for those uploading and processing large files, making the process more efficient.

File Upload large file upload

File Manager

Directory upload

This feature supports uploading a directory (folder) in the Blazor File Manager. Users can upload directories (folders) through the toolbar or drag-and-drop operations. When a directory is uploaded, all of its files and subdirectories are automatically included. The feature is supported in physical, Node.js, Azure, and Amazon S3 providers.

Blazor File Manager Directory Upload

Gantt Chart

Critical path

Highlight a single task or a chain of linked tasks that has a direct impact on the project’s end date. This feature provides users with a visual representation of tasks critical to their project’s success.

Critical path in Blazor Gantt Chart.

Template support for timeline and indicator tooltips

Allows users to display custom elements or content in the tooltips. This enables users to create more personalized and informative tooltips for their Gantt projects.

Template support for timeline and indicator in Blazor Gantt Chart.

Improvement in custom adaptor

The Custom Adaptor feature has been improved to support sort, filter, and row drag and drop operations. This allows users to have greater control over their data and improve their project management experience.

Heatmap Chart

Template support for the tooltip

User-defined content is now displayed in the Heatmap’s tooltip. It can include not only text and images, but also custom components.

Tooltip template of Blazor Heatmap.

PDF Library

PDF accessibility tag extraction

PDF accessibility tags provide additional information to assistive technology, making it easier for users with disabilities to navigate and understand PDF documents.

Now the Syncfusion Blazor PDF Library supports extracting accessibility tags from (tagged) PDF documents to make them more accessible to users with disabilities.

QR barcodes with logos

This feature allows you to enhance the visual appeal of your QR codes by adding a company or brand logo to the center of the code.

Barcode with logo.

Pivot Table


The paging support allows users to break and display large amounts of data page by page, improving the overall rendering performance of the pivot table. In addition, built-in navigation buttons are available to move between pages and to change the page size at runtime.

Display large amounts of data page by page in Blazor Pivot Table.

Server-side engine

By using the server-side engine support, pivot operations such as aggregation, filtering, sorting, and grouping is performed on a separate server, and only cell information is sent to the pivot table viewport via web service. This reduces network traffic and improves the rendering performance of the pivot table, especially when used in a Blazor Web Assembly application.

Progress Bar

Secondary progress customization

Provided support to customize the width and color of the secondary progress bar.

Secondary progress customization

Rich Text Editor

Enhanced toolbar tooltip appearance

The Rich Text Editor toolbar tooltips have been enhanced with improved appearances. These tooltips have been redesigned to more clearly display the keyboard shortcut information, making it easier for users to understand the functions of each toolbar item. Find the demo link here.

Rich text eidtor tooltip


Filter query

Utilize built-in filter support to filter events easily when requesting data from the server.

Timeline views without horizontal scroller

This feature allows users to see an overview of the schedule timeline without a horizontal scroller, improving the usability and accessibility of the Scheduler component.

Blazor Scheduler without horizontal scroller.

Range Slider

Reversible Range Slider

This feature provides support to display the slide range in reverse, such as 100 to 1 or -100 to 0. With this feature, users can set a maximum value that is less than the minimum value. This feature is available for all range and numeric sliders.

Blazor Range Slider with reversible range

Tree Grid

Row drag and drop with virtualization

Allows users to reorder rows by dragging and dropping them, when row and column virtualization features are enabled.

Row drag and drop in Blazor Tree Grid.

Word Library

Markdown-to-Word conversion

The Syncfusion .NET Word Library now supports converting an existing Markdown file to a Word document. Also, load images based on the image source path using an event while converting Markdown file to a Word document.

Markdown to Word in ASP.NET Blazor

Find Word document elements

The Syncfusion .NET Word Library now supports finding Word document elements based on specified properties and their corresponding values.

For example, with this new functionality, you can find

  • An image with an alternative text (Alt text) value as “logo”.
  • The content control with type “plain text” and “first name” as the title.
  • Block content controls with “address” as the title.
  • Charts with type “pie” and “analysis report” as the title.
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