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What's New in Essential Studio for WinForms


What's New in Essential Studio for WinForms

Volume 3 helps you capitalize on your investment in WinForms by adding high-DPI rendering, CodedUI and UFT/QTP support, and column chooser support.


High DPI support

The following WinForms controls now include high-DPI support, preserving app quality on high-DPI devices:

  • GridControl
  • GridGroupingControl
  • DataGrid
  • SfListView
  • GridListControl
  • Charts
  • Sparkline
  • MessageBoxAdv
  • StatusBarAdv
  • StatusBarExt
  • StatusStripEx
  • SuperToolTip
  • SfToolTip
  • DockingManager
  • TabControlAdv
  • TabbedMDIManager
  • TabbedGroupedMDIManager
  • ContextMenuStripEx
  • MulticolumnTreeView
  • MiniToolBar
  • TreeNavigator
  • TreeViewAdv
  • RecordNavigationControl
  • SfForm
  • SfScrollFrame
  • RibbonControlAdv
  • MainFrameBarManager
  • TabBarSplitterControl
  • SfCalendar
  • SfDateTimeEdit
  • SyntaxEditor
  • ColorPickerButton
  • ColorPickerUIAdv
  • ColorUIControl
  • ComboBoxBase
  • ComboBoxAdv
  • CheckBoxAdv
  • CurrencyTextBox
  • DoubleTextBox
  • IntegerTextBox
  • MaskedEditBox
  • MultiColumnComboBox
  • MultiSelectionComboBox
  • PercentTextBox
  • RadioButtonAdv
  • SplitButton
  • TextBoxExt
  • ToggleButton
  • TrackBarEx
  • SuperAccelerator
  • SfButton
  • SfComboBox
  • PivotChart
  • PopUpMenu
  • PDFViewer
  • Coded UI

    Support has been added to test controls using Coded UI on two levels:

    1. Record and playback: The recorder identifies elements involved in an action, and the playback is processed based on the generated code via Microsoft Active Accessibility.

    2. Property validation: A set of default properties are defined based on the MSAA control type for each control where users can add assertions.

    The two-level support is provided to the following controls:

    • SfDataGrid

    • SfListView

    • SfScrollFrame

    • SfButton

    • SfNumericTextBox

    • SfCalendar

    • SfDateTimeEdit

    • SfComboBox

    Add-in for HP UFT/QTP

    The following controls support the HP UFT/QTP add-in.

    • SfDataGrid

    • SfListView

    • SfComboBox

    • SfScrollFrame

    • SfButton

    • SfNumericTextBox

    • SfCalendar

    • SfDateTimeEdit


    Cell selection

    This feature allows you to select single or multiple range of cells based on the selection mode.

    windows forms datagrid cell selection

    Column chooser

    Allows you to change the visibility of the columns at run time using column chooser UI. It will display the list of available columns in a visible state in the list box.

    windows forms datagrid showing column chooser

    Disable selection for column

    Allows you to disable selection and navigation for column.


    Data table binding

    Bind a data table to group, filter, sort, and automatically refresh the UI when adding, removing, or clearing data in the data table.

    Add and freeze the header item at the top and the footer item at the bottom of the control. A custom control can also be placed in the header and footer items.

    windows forms-listview-header and footer


    Data table binding

    Bind a data table to filter, sort, and automatically refresh the UI when adding, removing, or clearing data in the data table.

    Support to Load Custom Control in Dropdown

    Load any custom control in drop down. For example, TextBox can be loaded in drop down and searching can be done.

    windows forms combobox showing custom control in drop down

    Essential PDF

    Complex script

    Add complex script language text to PDF documents.

    Complex script language text in PDF


    Redact text and images from PDF documents.

    Redact text and images from PDF documents


    Timestamp the existing PDF document.

    Timestamp the existing PDF document

    Signature validation

    Appearance of a signature will change based on the signature validation.

    Signature validation

    Flatten rubber stamp annotation

    Flatten rubber stamp annotation in the PDF document.

    Rubber stamp annotation

    Measurement annotation

    Add, edit, and flatten measurement annotation in the PDF document.

    Measurement annotation

    Long-term validation (LTV)

    Enable long-term validation in the PDF document.

    Long-term validation

    Essential Presentation

    Right-to-left conversion support

    Convert the RTL (right to left) text in PowerPoint to PDF or image formats.

    RTL text conversion

    Slide transition

    Create, edit, and remove slide transitions in PowerPoint presentations.

    Slide transition

    Essential XlsIO

    Data import enhancement

    Images, data with URLs, and data with mail IDs are imported as hyperlinks from various data sources into Excel.

    Excel to PDF enhancement

    Excel group shapes and recolored pictures are converted to PDF.

    Pivot table

    Supports sorting pivot value fields by direction.


    Supports calculation of external formula references.

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