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What's New in Syncfusion .NET MAUI Controls (Preview)


What's New in Syncfusion .NET MAUI Controls (Preview)

The latest release expands our new .NET MAUI suite with three new controls, WinUI support for ListView, and an agenda view in Scheduler.

Barcode generator (New)

The .NET MAUI Barcode Generator is a data visualization control that used to generate and display data in a machine-readable format. It perfectly encodes text using supported symbology types.

Key features

  • One-dimensional barcodes - Barcode Generator supports different one-dimensional barcode symbologies such as Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Extended, Code93, and Codabar.
  • Two-dimensional barcode - Barcode Generator supports popular QR Code and Data Matrix.
  • Barcode customization - Customize the appearance of barcodes such as background and foreground, and adjust the size of the smallest line or dot of a barcode.
  • Text customization - Customize the position and style of the barcode value text.

Barcode Generator control for .NET MAUI.

Linear Gauge (New)

The .NET MAUI Linear Gauge control is a multi-purpose data visualization control that can be used to display numerical values on a linear scale either horizontally or vertically. It has a rich set of features such as axis, ranges, and pointers that are fully customizable and extendable. Use it to create a value indicator, linear progress bar, thermometer, and more.

Key features

  • Orientation - The Linear Gauge can be oriented vertically or horizontally.
  • Axis - The Linear Gauge axis is a scale where a set of values is plotted. Axis elements, such as labels, major ticks, and minor ticks, can be customized.
  • Ranges - The Linear Gauge range is a visual element that helps you quickly visualize where a range falls on the axis track. Multiple ranges with different styles can be added to a gauge. It also supports a child element.
  • Pointers - The Linear Gauge pointer is used to indicate a specific value on the axis. The control has three types of pointers: shape marker, content marker, and bar. All the pointers can be customized as needed. Add multiple pointers in a single gauge.
  • Pointer animation - The Linear Gauge can animate the pointer in a visually appealing way when the pointer moves from one value to another.
  • Pointer interaction - Drag a pointer from one value to another to change the value at runtime.

Linear Gauge control for .NET MAUI.

Range Selector (New)

The .NET MAUI Range Selector (SfRangeSelector) is a highly interactive UI control for selecting a smaller numeric range from a larger data set. It provides a rich set of features such as labels, ticks, dividers, step sizes, overlays, and tooltips. It also supports adding any type of control as its content.

Key features

  • Numeric and date support - Provided functionality for selecting numeric and date values. The SfDateTimeRangeSelector can be used for using DateTime values and SfRangeSelector can be used for numeric values.
  • Child support: Add a child of any type inside the Range Selector. It is also possible to add the Charts control in it. The Range Selector is smart enough to handle functions like segment selection and chart zooming based on the range specified in it.
  • Labels: Customize the label format based on your requirements.
  • Ticks and dividers: Show ticks and dividers based on specified intervals. Minor ticks can also be enabled to show the values between intervals.
  • Tooltips: Render tooltips to show the selected range clearly. It is also possible to customize the format of the text shown in the tooltip.
  • Discrete selection: Select only discrete values.
  • Thumb icon support: Insert custom controls like an icon or text inside the left and right thumbs.

RangeSelector with area chart

Badge View (Preview)

Badge alignment

This feature allows users to align the badge relative to its content. The options are start, end, and center alignments.

.Net MAUI BadgeView BadgeAlignment

Badge icon

This feature provides eight predefined notification symbols such as available, busy, away, delete, and more to show the status of a user in the profile picture.

.Net MAUI BadgeView Badge Icon

Badge position

This feature allows users to position the badge in any of the four sides or four corners of the badge content.

.Net MAUI BadgeView Badge Position

ListView (Preview)

WinUI support

ListView now also supports the WinUI(Windows) platform.

.NET MAUI ListView for WinUI platform

PDF Library

Compress PDF documents

The .NET PDF library now supports the compression of PDF documents. This feature efficiently compresses a PDF document by applying the following compressing techniques:

  • Reducing the size of a high-resolution image in the PDF document.
  • Reducing the size of embedded fonts without affecting the PDF text content.
  • Removing unnecessary metadata.
  • Optimizing page graphical content streams.

Compress PDF document in MAUI

PDF to PDF/A converter

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the PDF format used for archiving and long-term preservation of PDF documents. The PDF/A standard ensures PDF documents can be viewed the same way using various software even after a long time. Now the .NET PDF Library supports the conversion of existing PDF documents to PDF/A without affecting the quality and content of the document. This feature supports various PDF/A standards, such as:

  • Conformance level b: PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, and PDF/A-3b.
  • Conformance level u: PDF/A-2u and PDF/A-3u.

PDF to PDF A conversion in MAUI

Extract images from PDF document

The .NET PDF Library now supports the extraction of images from a document exactly as they appear. This feature provides a customized API to extract all the images or individual images from a specific PDF page or the whole document. All the extracted images can be saved as separate images of the same format without losing quality.

Replace images from PDF document

The .NET PDF Library provides support to replace images within a PDF document. This feature allows you to completely remove one image and put another image in its place. It has a customized API to replace images from a single page or the whole PDF document. You can use this feature to hide any vital information from an image present in the PDF document without re-creating the document.

Radial Gauge (Preview)

Pointer overlay

Show the overlay effect around the marker pointer when interacting.

Pointer overlay support for .NET MAUI Radial Gauge.

Pointer elevation

The shape marker pointer can be elevated to render with a shadow behind it.

Pointer elevation support for .NET MAUI Radial Gauge.

Range Slider (Preview)

Always show tooltip

This feature provides an option to always show a tooltip.

Negative offset

Negative offset support allows the ticks and labels to be positioned on top of horizontal sliders and at the left to vertical sliders

Slider with negative offset.

Thumb icon

This feature allows custom controls like icons or text to be inserted inside the thumbs.

RangeSlider thumb icon support

Tooltip position

Set the tooltip position to the right or left of the vertical range slider.

RangeSlider tooltip position support

Hover support

Hover support has been added for thumb overlays and tooltips on all desktop platforms.

RangeSlider hover support

Scheduler (Preview)

Agenda view

The agenda view displays the Scheduler appointments in chronological order, grouped by date.

Agenda view in MAUI Scheduler.

Load appointments on demand

Load a huge number of appointments or events dynamically with a loading indicator based on the visible date range. This improves the control’s performance.

Load appointments on demand in MAUI Scheduler.

Data template

Customize the default appearance of Scheduler elements such as the month cells, appointment view, special time regions, view header, and header.

Data template customization in MAUI Scheduler.

Mouse hover support

This feature provides mouse hover interaction for the Scheduler control in WinUI and MAC Catalyst.

Slider (Preview)

Always show tooltip

This feature provides an option to always show a tooltip.

Negative offset

Negative offset support allows the ticks and labels to be positioned on top of horizontal sliders and at the left to vertical sliders.

Slider negative offset

Thumb icon support

Accepts custom controls like icon or text inside the thumbs.

Slider thumb icon support

Tooltip position

Set the tooltip position to the right or left of the vertical slider.

Slider tooltip position support

Hover support

Mouse hover support has been added for thumb overlays and tooltips on all desktop platforms.

Slider hover support

Tab View (Preview)

Item template

This feature allows users to provide custom source to the control and to customize the header and content by providing a data template.

.Net MAUI TabView ItemTemplate

Word Library

Word-to-PDF conversion enhancements

The Syncfusion Word Library includes the following enhancements to accurately convert any Word document to a PDF file:

  • Preserve a picture as a fill for a shape as it is in the input Word document.
  • Improved rendering of Thai and Chinese characters.
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