In this webinar, we will see the new updates for Syncfusion Web and Blazor components in the Essential Studio Volume 3 release. You will also learn how to pass the data from an Angular project to a React project using custom events.

New Components in Blazor and Web for 2022 Vol. 3

New Components (Blazor & Web)

New Components (Web)

What’s New in Blazor for 2022 Vol. 3

.NET 7 compatiblity

Preview to production-ready


  • Data Label wrap.
  • Print multiple Charts.

Stock Chart

  • Legend support.


  • Flip support for nodes.
  • Show and hide user handles.


  • Full-screen calendar.

Gantt Chart

  • Inline editing.
  • Timeline virtualization.
  • Alphanumeric support for task ID field.

Pivot Table

  • Notifications for UI actions.

What’s New in Web Platforms for 2022 Vol. 3

Latest version compatibility

  • Vue version 2.7 compatible.


  • Border for area charts.
  • Bubble and scatter charts in canvas.
  • Zooming and panning toolbar.
  • Format data labels.


  • Freehand drawing.
  • Additional auto scroll.


  • Shimmer loading placeholder.
  • Infinite scrolling in lazy-load grouping.

Gantt Chart

  • Parent predecessor.
  • Row drag and drop.
  • Excel-like filtering.
  • Alphanumeric support for Task ID field.


  • Inline editing with virtualization.
  • Frozen columns with virtualization.

Pivot Table

  • Paging support.

Rich Text Editor

  • @mention integration.

What’s New in Blazor and Web for 2022 Vol. 3


  • Virtual Scrolling in vertical views.
  • Template support in year view.

Rich Text Editor

  • Insert audio and video.

Word Processor

  • Show paragraphs and hidden marks.
  • Partial view support.

Additional packages

React Project

  • web-component-load

Angular Project

  • Angular V6 or later
  • @angular/elements


During this webinar, we looked at the new updates for Syncfusion web and Blazor components, as well as how to pass data from an Angular project to a React project.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar. Please keep an eye out for our future Blazor webinars.