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What’s New in Essential JS 2 for Angular


What’s New in Essential JS 2 for Angular

The latest updates to the complete Angular UI component library provide a new Spreadsheet control, row drag-and-drop support in the TreeGrid, and OLAP cube binding support in the Pivot Table.


Multi-region selection

Multi-select options have been provided to allow users to select multiple regions in a chart.


Lasso select

Lasso select allows users to select a region by drawing freehand shapes.

Lasso selection

Data label rotation

Options have been provided to rotate data labels.

Datalabel Rotation

Circular Gauge

Hide overlapping labels

Axis labels can be hidden when they overlap.

Hide overlapping labels

Tooltips for ranges and annotations

Circular gauge annotations and ranges now support tooltips.

Tooltips for ranges and annotations

Legend support for ranges

Circular gauge ranges now support legends with a toggle option. If you toggle a legend item, its color will change to that of the corresponding range bar. Customization options are available for legend shape, alignment, and position. There is also an option to hide axis labels when they overlap in the legend.

legend support for ranges


Line routing

This feature allows the connector to detect diagram shapes and reroute its path around it rather than crossing the diagram shape.

Angular Diagram Line Routing

File Manager

File system providers support

Added file system providers for the following services,

  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
  • Firebase Realtime Cloud Database

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Provided Amazon S3 Cloud Storage service provider support to manage the files in the File Manager component. To run the service, create an Amazon S3 account and a S3 bucket, and then register your Amazon S3 client account details like awsAccessKeyId, awsSecretKeyId, and awsRegion in RegisterAmazonS3 method to perform file operations.

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Firebase Realtime Cloud Database

Provided Firebase Realtime Cloud Database service provider support to manage the files in the File Manager component. To run the service, a Firebase project has to be created to access firebase realtime database. Register the realtime database details like REST API link and the root node in the SetRESTAPIURL method of FirebaseRealtimeFileProvider in the controller part of the ASP.NET Core application.

Firebase Realtime Cloud Database

Gantt Chart

Excel Export

This feature allows you to export Gantt data to Excel and CSV formats. Using the Gantt toolbar buttons, you can export Gantt data to the desired format.

Gantt excel export


Toggle legend support

A toggle option has been provided for legends. When a legend item is toggled, its color will change in the corresponding shape item.

Legend toggle option .

PDF Viewer

Form filling

Form-filling support has been added to the PDF Viewer control. It allows users to add and edit handwritten signatures in the signature fields and save the values in the form fields of AcroForms in a PDF document.

PDF Viewer.

Free text annotation

Free-text annotation is used to add text content to a PDF document. The text content styles are customizable.

PDF Viewer.

Import and export annotation details as JSON objects

Import and export annotation details as JSON objects in the PDF Viewer control and save the JSON data in local storage.

Pivot Table

In addition to the existing data sources, pivot table now provides an option to connect and visualize SSAS OLAP cube and its elements like dimensions, hierarchies, measures, named sets, etc. The pivot table is used to create and edit a report on the fly using field list and grouping bar options, and it can also be stored for later use. End users can visualize the results in graphical and tabular formats (chart and grid).

Other common options like drill down/drill up, sorting, filtering, formatting, calculated field, conditional formatting, drill through, defer layout update, show/hide totals, etc. are also supported.

Pivot Table with OLAP data source

Rich Text Editor

Pasting images from Microsoft Word and Outlook

Images from Microsoft Word and Outlook can be pasted along with the content, and it can be uploaded to the server before being inserted into the editor.

Drag and drop images from the local system

This feature allows inserting images in the editor by dragging and dropping them from the local system. Images can be uploaded to the server before being inserted into the editor.

Drag and drop images support in Rich Text Editor

Resizable editor

This feature allows resizing the editor dynamically by dragging its resize handler, which is positioned at the bottom-right of the control. Users can resize it in a diagonal direction to adjust its width, height, or both. The content of the editor will be adjusted automatically based on the new width and height.

Resizable editor support in Rich Text Editor


Timeline year view

Added timeline year view, which allows users to display the events throughout the year in the scheduler. Provided orientation support also.

CellHeaderTemplate for month and MonthAgenda views

Provided cellHeaderTemplate support for month and monthAgenda views to format the date or other customizations.

Added firstDayOfWeek property in view-based settings

Provided firstDayOfWeek property support in individual view. Now, different first day can be set for different views.

Performing CRUD actions with property-based settings

Provided property based CRUD action support for inserting, updating, and deleting events. The new APIs, allowAdding is used for insert action, allowEditing for edit action, and allowDeleting for delete action.


The Spreadsheet control is an interactive component for organizing and analyzing data in a tabular format. It has configuration options for customization, and it can load data by importing an Excel file or from a data source, such as RESTful JSON data services and local JavaScript object array binding. Populated data can be exported to Excel in .xlsx, .xls, and .csv formats.

It supports the following features:

  • Data binding
  • Virtualization
  • Selection
  • Editing
  • Formulas
  • Clipboard
  • Cell formatting
  • Number formatting
  • Open and save

Spreadsheet with default functionalities

Tree Grid

Row drag and drop

Provided support to drag and drop tree grid rows within the TreeGrid control, between TreeGrid controls, or between the TreeGrid control and any custom component, to change row positions dynamically in the UI.

Row drag and drop support in Tree Grid

Frozen rows and columns

Provided support to freeze specific rows or columns and make them always visible at the top and/or left side of the Tree Grid when scrolling.

Frozen columns support in Tree Grid

Visual Studio Extensions


The enhanced Syncfusion Angular Visual Studio extension allows conversion of an existing Angular application to a Syncfusion Angular application.

Syncfusion Menu Conversion



The enhanced Syncfusion Visual Studio Angular extension allows migration from one Syncfusion Angular version to another.

Syncfusion Menu Migration


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