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What’s New in Syncfusion React UI Components


What’s New in Syncfusion React UI Components

Add more functionality and features to your React projects with filter operator selection support in the Data Grid filter bar, inline editing and year view support for Scheduler, and ink annotation support for PDF Viewer.


Smart labels for Pie and Doughnut

This feature allows users to place data labels smartly without overlapping one another.

Smart labels

Circular Gauge

Gradient color

The gauge now supports two gradient color options, linear and radial, that can be applied to gauge elements such as ranges and pointers.

Gradient color.


Template support for user handle

This feature allows users to add HTML elements to the user handle content, such as buttons and drop-downs, along with existing path and image-type user handles.

Template support for user handle.

Word Processor

Form fields

This feature allows users to design forms using legacy form fields (text, check box, and drop down) in a Word document and also fill the forms.

Form fields.

Update cross-reference fields

Allows users to update a cross-reference field that links to a bookmark in the Word document.

Track changes

Allows users to view the changes made to a Word document by several reviewers and accept or reject the changes.

Track changes.

Comment enhancements

  • To customize the color of comments.
  • To restrict a reviewer from deleting the comments made by other reviewers.

File Manager

Amazon S3 MVC file provider

The Amazon S3 MVC file provider allows the File Manager component to manage the files and folders in a collection of objects stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. It provides methods for performing various actions like creating, copying, moving, deleting, uploading, and downloading files and folders.

File Manager Support for Amazon S3 MVC File Provider

Access control support in SQL database file provider

Allows users to restrict access to files and folders by defining a set of rules. Only authorized users will be able to read, write, delete, and edit the files and folders.

Access Control Support in File Manager

Access Control Support in File Manager - Access Denied

Gantt Chart

Indent and outdent

This feature allows users to perform indenting and outdenting on hierarchical levels of tasks.


Read-only provides support for enabling and disabling the Gantt editing operations.

Resource view advanced features

  • Multi taskbar support: Visualize multiple tasks assigned to each resource in a row when the records are in the collapsed state.

  • Overallocation: Overallocation indicates when a resource is assigned two or more tasks that occur in the same date range.


  • Predecessor: Task relationships can be established between tasks in the Resource view.



Autofill with frozen rows and columns

This feature allows users to drag the autofill icon across frozen and movable parts of the DataGrid and update the selected cell values in the DataGrid content.

Autofill support in frozen rows and columns enabled data grid

Filter operator selector in filterbar

This feature allows users to set the filter operator for a particular column using the dropdown present in the filter bar. Filtering is performed based on the selected operator.

Filter operator selector suppport in filterbar

Frozen rows and columns with infinite scrolling

Frozen DataGrid has infinite scrolling support. By this, the buffered data will be loaded only when the scrollbar reaches the end of the scroller in a frozen grid.

Frozen with infinite scrolling

Kanban (Preview)

Sorting Cards

Sort cards in ascending or descending order based on index, data source order, and custom fields such as priority, rank, and assignee.

Customize Dialog

Customize the dialog while editing a card, such as adjusting its width, height, position, and modal.

Linear Gauge

Gradient color

The gauge now supports two gradient color options, linear and radial, that can be applied to gauge elements such as ranges and pointers.

Gradient color.

PDF Viewer

Ink annotation

Draw freehand on PDF files. You can move, resize, remove, or edit the appearance of the freehand drawings.

Ink annotation.

What's New for Essential JS 2 React Pivot Table | Syncfusion

Pivot Table

CSV data source support

In addition to JSON, the pivot table now supports CSV data source, as well. CSV data can be transferred from a local file or web service or from an online downloadable link. The CSV format is considered to be a more compact format compared to JSON. It is about half the size of JSON. This helps to reduce the bandwidth while transferring data to the browser.

Accumulation chart types

The pivot chart in the Pivot Table now has these chart types: pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel.

Pie chart Doughnut chart Pyramid chart Funnel chart


Active Progress Bar

This feature allows user to indicate the active state of the progress.


Striped Progress Bar

Progress bar can be striped now and also animated.


Label placement

Progress bar labels can now be placed at the center and far ends of the track.

Label Placement

Progress segment

This feature allows users to segment the progress of a task.

Progress Segment


Inline Editing

The feature enables user to Edit an appointment’s title or create an appointment easily through a single click on the cells or on the existing appointment’s subject.

Inline Editing Support

Year View

Utilize a horizontal year view in Schedule that exposes the annual view of the calendar. This will help users who navigate between years and months frequently.

Inline Editing Support

Enhancement of Timeline Year View

The existing timeline year view now has added support to configure multiple resources and enable row auto-height for adding more appointments.

Inline Editing Support


Conditional formatting

This feature allows you to format a cell or range of cells based on the conditions applied.

Conditional formatting support.


Clear the content, formats, and hyperlinks applied to a cell or range of cells in a spreadsheet.


Quickly check the sum, average, and count for the selected cells or range in the sheet tab.

Aggregates support.


Column chooser

This feature allows users to hide or show the columns dynamically in a TreeGrid.

Column chooser

Expand and collapse support in exported Excel file

This feature provides an option for the user to expand or collapse the child rows in exported Excel file of a TreeGrid.

Expand and collapse support in exported excel file

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