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What’s New in .NET MAUI: 2022 Volume 1

What’s New in .NET MAUI: 2022 Volume 1

As you know, Syncfusion rolled out its first and second set of .NET MAUI controls in its Essential Studio 2021 Volume 3  and Volume 4 releases. With the same spirit, we are happy to deliver our third set of .NET MAUI controls and cool features in the Essential Studio 2022 Volume 1 release.

To fulfill your custom control requirements, we are working hard to provide brand-new controls that are fast, feature-rich, and flexible to use in your apps.

This blog post will be a quick introduction to the new .NET MAUI controls and feature updates rolled out in the 2022 Volume 1 release.

Introducing the third set of .NET MAUI controls

In the 2022 Volume 1 release, we came out with the following .NET MAUI controls in preview mode:

Barcode Generator

The new .NET MAUI Barcode Generator control (QR code generator) can display industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes in your apps.

.NET MAUI Barcode Generator
.NET MAUI Barcode Generator

Key features

  • One-dimensional barcodes: Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Extended, Code93, and Codabar.
  • Two-dimensional barcode: QR codes and data matrices.
  • Barcode customization: You can customize the appearance of barcodes’ background and foreground and adjust the size of the smallest line or dot in a barcode.
  • Text customization: You can customize the position and style of the barcode value text.

Linear Gauge

The new .NET MAUI Linear Gauge is a data visualization component. It displays numerical values on a linear scale.

.NET MAUI Linear Gauge
.NET MAUI Linear Gauge

Key features

  • Orientation: Vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Axis: A scale where a set of values is plotted. You can easily customize the axis elements, like labels, major ticks, and minor ticks.
  • Range: An element that visualizes where a range falls on the axis track. Add multiple ranges with different styles. Render child elements in it.
  • Pointer: Indicates a specific value on the axis. The control has three types of pointers: shape marker, content marker, and bar. You can customize the pointers and add multiple pointers in a single gauge.
  • Pointer animation: Animate the pointer in a visually appealing way when it moves from one value to another.
  • Pointer interaction: Drag a pointer from one value to another to change the value at runtime.

Range Selector

The new .NET MAUI Range Selector is a filter control. It provides an intuitive interface to select a smaller range from a larger collection.

.NET MAUI Range Selector
.NET MAUI Range Selector

Key features

  • Child support: Add any kind of child control, even charts, inside the Range Selector. It is smart enough to handle functions like segment selection and chart zooming based on the range value specified in it.
  • Labels: Render labels for values with the option to customize their formats.
  • Ticks and dividers: Show ticks and dividers based on the specified interval. Enable minor ticks to show the values between intervals.
  • Tooltips: Render tooltips to display more information about the selected range. You can customize the text format in the tooltip.
  • Discrete selection: Select only discrete values.
  • Thumb icon support: Insert a custom control like an icon or text inside the left and right thumbs.

What’s new in our existing .NET MAUI controls?


From 2022 Volume 1 onward, you can enjoy mouse-hover interaction effects with the Windows and Mac Catalyst platforms.


The .NET MAUI Scheduler control has the following new features.

Agenda view

The agenda view displays the Scheduler appointments in chronological order, grouped by date.

Load appointments on demand

Easily load a huge number of appointments or events dynamically with a loading indicator based on the visible date range for better performance.

Data template

Customize the default appearance of Scheduler elements such as the month cells, appointment view, special time regions, view header, and header.


Windows support

The .NET MAUI ListView control has support for the Windows (WinUI) platform.

.NET MAUI ListView Support for Windows Platform
.NET MAUI ListView Support for Windows Platform

Tab View

Item template

Add a custom source to the .NET MAUI Tab View control and customize the header and content by providing a data template.

.NET MAUI Tab View with Item Template Support
.NET MAUI Tab View with Item Template Support

Badge View

The .NET MAUI Badge View control rolls out the following features in 2022 Volume 1.

Badge alignment

This feature allows users to align the badges relative to their content. The available alignment options are start, end, and center.

.NET MAUI Badge View Alignments
.NET MAUI Badge View Alignments

Badge Icons

This feature provides eight predefined notification symbols such as available, busy, away, and delete to show the status of a user on their profile picture.

.NET MAUI Badge View Icons
.NET MAUI Badge View Icons

Badge position

Users can position a badge at any of the four sides or four corners of the badge content.

.NET MAUI Badge View Positions
.NET MAUI Badge View Positions

Slider and Range Slider

Both the .NET MAUI Slider and Range Slider controls gain support for the following user-friendly features.

Always show tooltip

Users have the option to always show a tooltip.

Negative offset

Negative offset support for ticks and labels allows them to be positioned on top and at the left side of the horizontal and vertical sliders, respectively.

Thumb icon support

This feature allows users to insert custom controls like icons or text inside the thumbs.

.NET MAUI Range Slider with Custom Thumb Icons
.NET MAUI Range Slider with Custom Thumb Icons

Tooltip position

Set the tooltip to the right or left side of the vertical slider.

.NET MAUI Range Sliders with Different Tooltip Positions
.NET MAUI Range Sliders with Different Tooltip Positions

Radial Gauge

The .NET MAUI Radial Gauge control delivers the following new features in this 2022 Volume 1 release.

Pointer overlay

Show the overlay effect around the marker pointer while interacting with it.

.NET MAUI Radial Gauge with Pointer Overlay
.NET MAUI Radial Gauge with Pointer Overlay

Pointer elevation

The shape marker pointer can be elevated to render with a shadow behind it.

.NET MAUI Radial Gauge with Pointer Elevation
.NET MAUI Radial Gauge with Pointer Elevation


Thanks for reading! Syncfusion’s support for .NET MAUI is still a work in progress. This is the third set of controls rolled out. Details on these controls and the Essential Studio 2022 Volume 1 release are also available on our Release Notes and What’s New pages. Try out these new controls and features and leave your feedback in the comments section below!

Also, you can contact us through our support forumsupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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