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Essential Studio 2022 Vol 2

Syncfusion Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2 Is Here!

Syncfusion is thrilled to roll out our second major release of 2022: Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2. Like other major releases, Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2 is packed with a new set of controls, features, and bug fixes.

Here’s a brief description of the major highlights for each platform.




  • The Flutter PDF Library has been developed to meet industry standards and is now production-ready.
  • The Flutter PDF Viewer now supports:
    • Right-to-left configuration.
    • Hyperlink navigation from the content.
  • The Flutter Charts widget now supports:
    • Displaying the scrollbar always or on demand.
    • Trimming intersecting axis labels.
    • Customizing date-time axis labels.
  • Slider, Range Slider, and Range Selector widgets now support edge label placement, which can shift the labels inside the axis bounds.


  • A new Pager component.
  • The following controls are production-ready:
  • Syncfusion Blazor components no longer support .NET 5, but still support .NET 3.1 and .NET 6.
  • The Blazor DataGrid component now supports sticky headers that render fixed headers while scrolling.
  • The Blazor Word Processor control now supports:
    • Accepting or denying the tracked changes in a document.
    • Adding borders to the paragraphs.
  • The Blazor Query Builder control now supports complex data binding.
  • The Blazor Diagram supports:
    • Displaying a context menu on right-clicking with possible operations.
    • z-ordering to control the stacking order.
    • Expanding and collapsing the child nodes.
    • Using a complex hierarchical layout to arrange nodes in a tree-like structure.

Essential JS 2

  • Syncfusion Angular components are now compatible with the latest Angular version, 14.
  • Syncfusion React components are now compatible with the latest React version, 18.
  • ES 2 component Sass files are compiled using dart Sass instead of node-sass. This change was made because node-sass has been deprecated.
  • Angular Carousel control was developed to meet industry standards and is production-ready.
  • JS 2 DataGrid now supports:
    • Select all or none of the rows using the checkbox in the header.
    • Header customization of exported data grid files.
  • The Diagram control now supports:
    • A Bezier connector with multiple editing points.
    • Limiting the orthogonal connector segments.
  • The Word Processor now supports:
    • Accepting or denying tracked changes in a document.
    • Adding borders to paragraphs.



  • The WPF PDF Viewer now supports squiggly and callout text box annotations.
  • The Smith Chart control now supports data rendering based on the index.

Document processing libraries

  • All the document processing libraries are now compatible with .NET 6 for .NET Core, Blazor, WinUI, and .NET MAUI.
  • You can create PDF/A-4-conforming documents from scratch. Also, you can convert normal PDF documents to PDF/A-4-conforming documents.
  • HTML-to-PDF conversion has been upgraded to the latest version of Blink.
  • You can deploy HTML-to-PDF conversion via Blink to AWS Lambda.
  • You can now create, edit, and remove watermarks and rich-media annotations in PDF documents programmatically.
  • Convert Word documents to images in the .NET Core, Blazor, WinUI, and .NET MAUI platforms.


The features listed here are just some of the highlights of our Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2 release. You can check out all the features in our release notes and on the What’s New pages.

Try out these features and share your feedback as comments on this blog. You can also reach us through our support forums,  support portal, or feedback portal.


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Syncfusion Essential Studio is a . NET based product that includes 800+ controls and frameworks that can be used in Visual Studio to create visually appealing applications. The Essential Studio includes demos for all of the controls, giving you an idea of how Syncfusion controls look and work.

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