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Essential Studio 2018 Volume 1 Roadmap Published

The Syncfusion roadmap for Essential Studio 2018 Volume 1 is now available! You can get a complete preview of what we’re working on for this new release, broken down by individual platform.

Syncfusion’s world-class Xamarin support grows more expansive in this release. Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms gets a new tab control and a new pop-up control with built-in and customizable layouts, opening new avenues for app development. Existing controls get new features, such as the ever-useful pull-to-refresh feature for the data grid control and gradient support for the circular gauge control. Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android gets new additions as well, such as localization support for the image editor control, annotation support for the PDF viewer, and a new progress bar control. Not to be outdone, Essential Studio for Xamarin.iOS receives new features for the chart control, a new tab control, and updates for the image editor control, including serialization, localization, and cropping with aspect ratio.

Beyond Xamarin, virtually all of Essential Studio’s supported platforms receive major updates. From ASP.NET Core’s drag-and-drop improvements for the schedule control to JavaScript’s new theme studio support to spline chart support for UWP, there are a raft of improvements to make development easier for every customer.

Syncfusion’s enterprise solutions receive significant updates as well. The Big Data Platform, our revolutionary Hadoop distribution for Windows, Linux, and Azure, will support the data warehouse model thanks to the integration of Apache Phoenix on top of an HBase cluster and will receive a number of features to improve Linux environment support.  The Data Integration Platform will benefit from a new database lookup transformation interface and a variety of security improvements. And Syncfusion’s popular Dashboard Platform will receive a new theme designer, Amazon AWS deployment support, and TV mode.

We’ll have more news about Essential Studio 2018 Volume 1 in the coming weeks. While we prepare for the full release, let us know what you want to see in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook. We’re going to get the new year off to a great start, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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