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Road Map for Essential Studio for JavaScript

Combo Box

New control

Feature that provides a single-line editable textbox for users to enter a value directly or select a value from a pop-up list.

New control

Feature that provides a combination of a drop-down list and a tree view component. The component’s actions are similar to a generic drop-down list, and its values are maintained based on node selection from the tree.


Axis label break

Feature that supports four types of spline curves: natural, cardinal, monotonic, and clamped.

Axis label formatting

Feature that provides support for stacked spline area and 100% stacked spline area chart types.

Placing data labels inside the chart area

Feature that allows users to set data labels inside the chart area if they exceed the chart area boundaries.


EAN Barcode

Feature that allows EAN barcodes to be generated.


Alignment support for user handles

Feature for customizing user handle alignment.

Automatic line routing

Feature for automatically re-routing lines around nodes if any are between the line endpoints.

Layout enhancements

Features for defining multiple roots in the layout options and an undirected tree layout.

Interaction support for labels

Features for selecting, dragging, resizing, and rotating labels.

Symmetric layout

Feature that allows a symmetric layout in a diagram.


12 new Excel formulas

Feature that provides support for the following Excel formulas:

  • PV
  • TEXT

10 new trigonometry formulas

Feature that provides support for the following trigonometry related Excel formulas:

  • BASE


ej-widget model option

Feature that supports to passing ej-widget model options as input with Syncfusion Angular components.


Two-way binding

The aurelia-syncfusion-bridge supports two-way binding using collectionObserver.


New AngularJS versions supported in JS Playground

Syncfusion JS Playground supports up to version 1.6 of Angular.

Ember framework support

Feature that provides support for the Ember framework.

Support for jQuery 3.2.1 for ej widgets

Feature that provides jQuery 3.2.1 support.

Server-side filtering

Feature that allows filtering to be performed when text is typed in the search box. Filtering will be done based on the collection which contains the matched item from the entire data source. Server-side filtering is based on the filtering capability of the data source.

Data Manager

Additional data operations

Feature that provides IN and NotIN filter operations for specifying multiple values in a WHERE filter.


Building common JSON for both getExportProps and saveAsJSON method

Feature that provides common JSON in getExportProps and saveAsJSON which is used for loadFromJSON method and exporting.

Cell styles customization

Feature that provides support for customizing cell styles, which is supported in import and export.


External drag and drop

Feature that provides support for drag and drop operations between the kanban board and other controls.

Kanban column without data source

Feature for rendering kanban columns without binding any data source.


Export schedule appointment data as XLS file

Feature that allows users to export appointment data to Excel sheets.

Display schedule with user-provided custom date collection

Feature for displaying the schedule with a user-provided custom date collection.

Feature that allows users to improve schedule printing by applying a background color to appointments.

Disable default alert window when editing recurrence appointments

Feature that provides an additional option to enable or disable the alert window that is displayed when editing recurrence appointments.

Numeric Text Box

Optional decimal places

Feature that allows users to add optional decimal values without any restrictions.

Tree View

Nested object support

Feature for supporting nested objects in tree view fields to help map complex data.


Increment and decrement button support

Feature that provides increment and decrement buttons for the slider.

File Explorer

Select files using area selection

Feature for selecting files and folders through area selection with the mouse.

Performance improvements

Feature that improves file explorer performance when opening a folder containing more than 1000 files.

Pivot Tree Map

Visualize only row axis elements

Feature that allows the pivot tree map to be visualized with row axis elements only.

Pivot Grid

Virtual loading

Feature for loading grid cells virtually when dealing with huge data sets.

Server-side paging support (relational DB)

Feature that enables paging to improve rendering performance when working with huge data sets in server mode.

Paging support for Mondrian

Feature that enables paging to improve rendering performance when working with huge data sets in a Mondrian data source.

List View

Keyboard accessibility

Support for users to navigate through list items and select them using keyboard shortcuts.


Search format for multicolumn pop-up

Feature for differentiating display format and search fields in the multicolumn autocomplete component, allowing users to search any number of fields in the suggestion list without modifying the selected text format.

DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion’s products are always changing. Syncfusion makes no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion product. Features and release builds can change without notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided on this page is only for the purpose of outlining intentions and ideas for future releases. In no way is the roadmap a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is informational in nature and should not be relied on, in any manner, for the purposes of making any business decision.

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