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Road Map for Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core

Road Map for Essential Studio for ASP.NET Core


Production ready controls

The Rating and Image Editor controls are to be marked as production-ready for ASP.NET Core.

New controls


The Ribbon control provides a compact layout for displaying multiple related options, such as tabs, dropdowns, and menus. It is commonly used in editors and viewers to offer a wide range of features and options.


The Stepper control enables the user to navigate through a series of steps or stages in a process within a web application. It displays a list of steps, with the current step highlighted, and allows the user to move between steps.


Persistence support for data processing

This feature improves the synchronization of components that are bound through DataManager by persistently storing data processing that occurs within a single component. This helps maintain data consistency and integrity within the application.

Search and filter with new operators

The new operator in the search and filter feature allows users to perform precise and targeted searches on their data. These operators provide greater flexibility and control over how users can search and filter data.

  • does not contain - Allows users to search for items that do not include certain keywords or phrases.
  • is null and is not null - Allows users to search for items that do not include certain keywords or phrases.
  • is like and is not like - Allows users to search for items that match or do not match a specific pattern using wildcards.
  • does not start with and does not end with - Allows users to search for items that do not begin or end with a specific string of characters.


Enhancing data operations with foreign key value

This feature allows users to perform data operations, such as sorting, filtering, grouping, and searching, in the data grid based on the foreign key value rather than the foreign key field that is bound in the grid columns property.

Preserving expand/collapse state

This feature helps preserve the current expand/collapse state of grouped rows even when manipulating the grid’s data. To achieve this, implement partial row refresh where only the affected rows are refreshed rather than the entire grid. This helps maintain the user’s current context and improves overall performance of the grid.

Row drag and drop with grouping

Users can easily rearrange rows that are organized into groups by using the drag and drop functionality.


Zooming toolbar customization

This feature allows users to change the background color, border color, and other styles of the zooming toolbar buttons. The style of the zooming toolbar tooltip can also be customized.

Drag and drop the marker

This feature allows users to drag and drop the marker to any desired location on the Map, at runtime.

Pivot Table

Role option of OLAP cube

This feature renders the pivot table using the SSAS OLAP cube, and allows end-users to access only restricted information such as measures, dimensions, and more based on the role assigned to them.

Image Editor


This feature allows undo/redo actions in the Image Editor component.


Range step area chart

The range step area chart, is similar to a range area chart, where data points are connected by vertical and horizontal lines to show a step-like progress.

Error bar customization

This feature allows users to customize the height, color, and so on of the error bar of every individual data point.

Center text in pie and doughnut charts

This feature allows users to place the text to the center of the pie and doughnut charts.

Animation during data change in pie and doughnut

Allows users to animate the pie and doughnut charts when data is changed.

Stock Chart

Datetime category axis

The new axis type called datetime category can be used in the stock chart to show only the business days.


On-demand data loading or lazy loading

This feature allows users to retrieve events from remote services for the current view port alone and the remaining data can be retrieved on-demand when scrolling, improving the performance and usability of the Scheduler component.

OData filter

This feature provides in-built OData filter support to the Scheduler component, allowing users to easily filter events using the OData specification.

XSS security option

This option allows users to sanitize templates and appointment inputs, improving the security of the Scheduler component.

Timeline views without horizontal scroller

This feature allows users to see an overview of the schedule timeline without the need for a horizontal scroller, improving the usability and accessibility of the Scheduler component.

Swipe and drag slide

This feature allows users to change slides in the carousel using swipe or drag gestures, improving the usability and accessibility of the component on phones and tablets.

Progress bar


This feature allows the progress value to be displayed in the tooltip while hovering.

Rich Text Editor

Format painter

Use the format painter in the Rich Text Editor to easily copy and apply formatting from one section of the text to another. This will save users time and improve their workflow.

Toolbar tooltip

Improve the appearance of items’ tooltips in the Rich Text Editor toolbar to display the information clearly. This will help users understand the functions of each toolbar item and improve their overall experience.

PDF Viewer

Form fields enhancements

  • Navigate between next and previous form fields in a PDF document.
  • Allows users to save type and upload signature options in the signature dialog.
  • Allows users to add comb-of textbox values to limit the number of characters with equal spacing.


Virtual scrolling

The virtual scrolling feature is useful for improving the performance and speed of Kanban applications, especially when dealing with large lists of data. It allows users to efficiently scroll through the data without having to load them all at once, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

File Manager

Virtual scrolling

The feature allows users to load files and folders for the current viewport initially and render the remaining files and folders on demand while scrolling. So, users can load a large number of files and folders without performance degradation. This feature is applicable for both details and large icons views of the ASP.NET Core File Manager.

Tree Grid

Server-side exporting

The exporting feature allows users to export tree grid data to a PDF or Excel document in the server-side using server export libraries.

Gantt Chart

On-demand data loading or lazy loading

Load data from remote web services as and when needed in the Gantt Chart component. With the virtual scrolling feature, users can retrieve data from remote services for the current view port alone and the remaining data can be retrieved on-demand while scrolling.

Drag and drop tasks between resources

Allows users to drag and drop tasks between different resources in the resource view of a gantt chart. This feature helps in changing the assignment of tasks from one resource to another.

Word Processor

Continuous section break

This feature allows users to display the new section on the same page in the Word Processor component. The continuous section break is often used to change the number of columns without starting a new page.

Drag and drop

This feature allows users to drag and drop the selected content within the Word Processor component.

Show/hide bookmarks

This feature allows users to show or hide the start and end of the bookmarks in the Word Processor component. It displays square brackets at the beginning and end of each bookmark.

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DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion’s products are always changing. Syncfusion makes no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion product. Features and release builds can change without notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided on this page is only for the purpose of outlining intentions and ideas for future releases. In no way is the roadmap a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is informational in nature and should not be relied on, in any manner, for the purposes of making any business decision.
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