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Road Map for Essential Studio for UWP


Arc segment

Feature that provides arc segment support for connectors.

Configure undo and redo with custom state

Feature that allows users to perform undo and redo operations for custom properties of diagram objects.

Mark specific area to be zoomed in

Feature that allows users to focus or zoom to a specific region on a diagram by interactively marking the area.

PDF Viewer

Form filling and editing

Feature that allows users to fill, edit, save, and print form fields in a PDF document.

Image Editor

Custom image view

Feature that supports adding custom images over an existing image.

Font style

Feature that supports customizing text annotations over an image with desired font styles.

Text rotate

Feature that allows text annotations over an image to be rotated to the desired angle.

Toolbar height

Feature that supports updating toolbar and toolbar item height.


Strict Open XML documents

Feature that supports opening and saving Strict Open XML format (*.docx) documents.


Holidays support

Feature that allows users to highlight non-working dates.

Auto validation mode support

Feature that enables tasks to be scheduled automatically.


Animation support in PowerPoint presentations

Feature that supports creating and modifying animations in PowerPoint presentations.


RTL support

Feature that allows right-to-left language text to be drawn in PDF documents.

Import and export PDF forms

Feature that allows FDF, XFDF, XML, and JSON to be imported and exported in PDF forms.

Time stamp PDF

Feature that allows users to time stamp the PDF document without a certificate.

Flatten the existing signature field

Feature that allows the existing signature field to be flattened.

Custom metadata

Feature that supports the creation of metadata with user-defined keywords.

Add annotation to the layer

Feature that allows annotations to be added to the PDF document layer.

Auto-resize text box field

Feature that allows the font to be automatically resized when flattening a text box field, depending on the text box size.


Selection indicator for multi selection

Feature that indicates the already-selected item in the suggestion box when the selection mode is set to multi selection.

Secondary drawer support

Feature that provides a secondary drawer that can be placed at any of the four sides of the screen. The secondary drawer can can also be toggled.

UI virtualization

Feature that improves the performance of the carousel by virtualizing the UI elements loaded to the screen based on the visible area.



  • Feature that supports extension lists for Microsoft Excel charts and conditional formatting.


  • Feature that supports AutoShapes in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Feature that supports shape grouping in XLSX format.

Copy range

  • Feature that supports skipping blank cells while copying.

Pivot table

  • Feature that supports RepeatAllLabels in pivot table layouts.
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