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Road Map for Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms

Road Map for Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms


Multi-circle doughnut chart

Feature that provides an option in doughnut charts to render their data with multiple circles instead of separate arc segments in a single circle.

Histogram series

Feature that adds a new histogram chart type.

Axis label wrapping

Feature that wraps the words in axis labels into multiple lines when any label exceeds the expected maximum size.


Custom zoom

Support to customize zoom levels.


Feature that provides an overview of diagrams for easy navigation over large layouts.

Auto scroll

Support to automatically scroll diagrams for easy access.

Image Editor

Text effects

Feature that supports adding text effects such as bold, italics, and underline.

Text rotation

Feature that supports rotating added text by using a handle.

Multiline text and text alignment

Feature that supports adding multiple lines of text by using the Enter key and aligning the text to center, left, and right positions.

Custom crop positioning

Feature that supports customizing the cropping handle position.

Save image to different format

Feature that supports saving an image to a different format like .png, .jpg, or .bmp.

Save image with custom size

Feature that supports saving an image in various sizes.

Essential PDF

Complex scripts

Feature that supports adding complex script text to PDF documents.

Essential Presentation

Slide transitions

Support to create and edit slide transitions in PowerPoint files.

Long-term validation

Feature that supports long-term validation with digital signatures in PDF documents.

Signature validation

Feature that changes the signature appearance in a PDF page based on the signature validation.

Flatten rubber stamp annotation

Feature that supports flattening the rubber stamp annotation.

PDF Viewer


Feature that supports navigating to specific locations in PDF documents through bookmarks.


Feature that supports a commenting option for existing and new annotations in the PDF document.1

Progress bar

Range color support in the circular progress bar

Support to map colors to the range in the circular progress bar.


Subshape layer support

Feature that supports adding a sublayer over a main shape layer to view roads or river areas in maps.

Tooltip support

Feature that allows users to display map information when tapping shapes, bubbles, and markers.

Different projection support

Feature that allows users to view maps with different types of projection.

Access tile images from cache memory

Feature that enables users to access the imagery layer’s tile images from application cache memory.

Data label smart alignment support

Feature that smartly aligns labels within shape boundaries and avoids label overlap.


Recurrence exceptions support

Feature that allows users to skip particular occurrences of recurring appointments by setting exceptions to the recurrence rule.

Selection text color customization

Feature that allows the customization of the selection text color in month cells.

List View

RTL support

Support for right-to-left flow direction in the list view.

Double finger swiping in macOS as per Mac standard

Support to swipe list items as per macOS swiping (double finger).

Data Grid

RTL support

Support for right-to-left flow direction in the data grid.

Current cell support

Support for current cell that indicates the last focused cell in the data grid.

Exporting support for group summary rows

Support to export the group summary rows in the data grid.

RTL support

Support for right-to-left flow direction in the pop-up.

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