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Road Map for Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms


New components

We are planning to add following components to Xamarin.Forms:

  • Checkbox
  • Radio button
  • Combo box
  • Segmented control


Xamarin.Forms for Mac

The chart component will support the Mac platform in Xamarin.Forms.

Date-time category axis support

The new date-time category axis will allow users to plot date-time values without a visual gap between two data points. This is similar to a category axis, but the ranges and interval are calculated based on the date-time value.

Group small data points into “Others” category in pie and doughnut series

Pie and doughnut charts with too many small slices look cluttered. To overcome this problem, we will provide an option to merge the small slices into a single slice based on a threshold value.

Add text to center of doughnut chart

Text can be added at the center of the doughnut chart to show any information about the data.


Xamarin.Forms for Mac

The datagrid component supports Mac platform in Xamarin.Forms.

Key navigation support in Xamarin.Forms UWP

Allows users to navigate between GridCells using arrow keys in the keyboard.

List View

Support for Xamarin.Forms macOS

Feature that supports using the list view component on the Xamarin.Forms macOS platform.

Keyboard support for Xamarin.Forms UWP

Feature that supports selecting and navigating list view items through keyboard interactions in the Xamarin.Forms UWP platform.

Bring into view modes

Feature that supports defining the position of a list view item in the view for programmatic scrolling, which decides where to position (namely start, center, or end) the scrolled item in the view.

Load more items support in upward direction

Feature that provides load more support for the upward direction. When scrolling reaches the top of the list, new items will be fetched and added dynamically at the top.


Selection indicator for multi-selection

Feature that indicates the already-selected item in the suggestion box when the selection mode is set to multi-selection.


Appointment drag and drop support

Feature that allows appointments to be rescheduled through drag and drop.

Time zone support

Feature that allows appointments created in various time zones to be displayed in the user’s time zone.

Agenda view support

Feature that allows selected date appointments to be displayed below the month view in an agenda view.

Month cell template support

Feature that supports customizing the month cell view through a month cell template and template selector.

Partial hours support

Feature that allows users to set partial working hours, a start hour, and an end hour according to their requirements.

Image Editor

Custom image view

Feature that supports adding custom images over an existing image.

Font style

Feature that supports customizing text annotations over an image with desired font styles.

Text rotate

Feature that allows text annotations over an image to be rotated to the desired angle.

Toolbar height

Feature that supports updating toolbar and toolbar item height.

PDF Viewer

Edit text annotation

Feature that allows users to add, edit, and save edited text annotations in a PDF document.

Shape annotation

Feature that allows users to add, edit, and save shape annotations such as ellipse, rectangle, line, and polygon in a PDF document.


Mind map customization

The mind map customization support allows free form layout and application of themes.

Bezier curve support

The Bezier curve support along with two control points modifies Bezier curve dynamically.

Segment control points support

Feature that allows users to modify orthogonal lines dynamically.

Tab View

Support for Xamarin.Forms UWP

A new tab view control for Xamarin.Forms UWP helps you create an interface for exploring and switching between different views.

Secondary drawer support

Feature that provides a secondary drawer that can be placed at any of the four sides of the screen. The secondary drawer can can also be toggled.

UI virtualization

Feature that improves the performance of the carousel by virtualizing the UI elements loaded to the screen based on the visible area.

Data Form

  • Support for RTL.
  • Support for password editor and masked edit editor to display data in a specific format.

Masked Text Box

Support to update keyboard type

Feature that provides support to update the keyboard type of the masked text box when the mask characters are specific to numeric or alphabetic.

Sunburst chart

Drill-down support

Feature that provides a drill-down option with animations for visualizing large sets of data in a minimal data view.

Animation support

Feature that allows users to view chart segments with animated transitions for a certain time span.


OpenStreetMap support

Feature that allows map providers such as OpenStreetMap to be added to any layer of a map.

Selection support

Feature that enables users to highlight or select map segments.


Word-to-PDF enhancements

  • Allows preserving form fields from a Word document in the converted PDF.
  • Allows preserving embedded fonts from a Word document in the converted PDF.

Strict Open XML documents

Feature that supports opening and saving Strict Open XML format (*.docx) documents.

HTML import

Feature that allows HTML files to be imported.


Animation support in PowerPoint presentations

Feature that supports creating and modifying animations in PowerPoint presentations.


RTL support

Feature that allows right-to-left language text to be drawn in PDF documents.

Import and export PDF forms

Feature that allows FDF, XFDF, XML, and JSON to be imported and exported in PDF forms.

Time stamp PDF

Feature that allows users to time stamp the PDF document without a certificate.

Flatten the existing signature field

Feature that allows the existing signature field to be flattened.

Custom metadata

Feature that supports the creation of metadata with user-defined keywords.

Add annotation to the layer

Feature that allows annotations to be added to the PDF document layer.

Auto-resize text box field

Feature that allows the font to be automatically resized when flattening a text box field, depending on the text box size.



  • Feature that supports extension lists for Microsoft Excel charts and conditional formatting.


  • Feature that supports AutoShapes in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Feature that supports shape grouping in XLSX format.

Copy range

  • Feature that supports skipping blank cells while copying.
DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion’s products are always changing. Syncfusion makes no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion product. Features and release builds can change without notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided on this page is only for the purpose of outlining intentions and ideas for future releases. In no way is the roadmap a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is informational in nature and should not be relied on, in any manner, for the purposes of making any business decision.

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