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Road Map for Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms


New control

New pop-up control with built-in and customizable pop-up layouts. Pop-up allows you to customize it entirely and position it based on your requirements.

Data Grid

Group summaries support

Feature that allows users to display summary information for groups for one or more columns. Group summary rows and columns can be customized by loading a DataTemplate.

Pull to Refresh

  • Native-inspired UI improvements and animations.
  • Feature allows users to adapt the data grid control with frozen headers and progress view animations displayed below the header row when the TransitionType is Push.


Gradient support for chart series

Support for gradient colors in chart.

Legend customization

Data template support for chart legend items.

Spline range area series

New spline range area chart type.

Tab View

New Control

Component that allows users to easily explore and switch among different views.

Data Form

New control

A new data form control which helps to edit data fields of any data object. It can be used to develop various forms such as login, reservation, data entry, and more.

List View

Separate data template for selected item

Feature that supports customizing the appearance of selected items by defining separate data template.

ItemAppearing and ItemDisappearing events

Feature to notify when a list view item appears or disappears on view through events.

Circular Gauge

Gradient support for circular gauge range pointer

Feature that provides gradient color support for circular gauge range pointer.

Image Editor

Cropping with aspect ratio

Feature that allows customizing the cropping region aspect ratio.

Adding toolbar items

Feature that supports adding new toolbar items in the image editor toolbar menu.


Feature that supports localization for toolbar menu items.

Annotate custom view

Feature that provides support to annotate the custom view of images.


Feature that supports serializing and deserializing image edits.


  • Support to change the start and end hour display in day, week, and work week views to display only needed time durations for end-user.
  • Support to customize all day and spanned appointments.
  • Other enhancements in appointment selection and animations to improve user experience.

PDF Viewer

Annotation support

Feature that supports annotating PDF files with freehand drawings.

Built-in toolbar

Feature for providing a toolbar in the PDF Viewer, making common functionalities accessible to users.

Progress Bar

New control

Control that provides a customizable visual that indicates the progress of a task.

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