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WPF FAQ - Comments

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During the build process, you can specify in the .proj file whether to leave the free-form localization comments in the assembly, strip-out part of the comments or strip-out all the comments. The stripped-out comments are placed in a separate file.

You specify your option using a ‘LocalizationDirectivesToLocFile’ tag as follows :



Note :
The values that can be assigned are:
1. None – Both comments and attributes stay inside the assembly and no separate file is generated.
2. CommentsOnly – Strips only the comments from the assembly and places them in the separate LocFile.
3. All – Strips both the comments and the attributes from the assembly and places them both in a separate LocFile.


The following example shows how to add localization comments to an XAML file.


<TextBlock x:Id = 'text01'
FontFamily = 'Microsoft Sans Serif'
FontSize = '12'
Localization.Attributes = '$Content (Unmodifiable Readable Text)
FontFamily (Unmodifiable Readable)'
Localization.Comments = '$Content (Trademark)
FontSize (Trademark font size)' >


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