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WPF FAQ - Coding Techniques

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x:Code is a directive element defined in XAML. An x:Code directive element can contain inline programming code. The code that is defined inline can interact with the XAML on the same page. The following example illustrates inline C# code. Notice that the code is inside the x:Code element and that the code must be surrounded by <CDATA[…]]> to escape the contents for XML, so that an XAML processor (interpreting either the XAML schema or the WPF schema) will not try to interpret the contents literally as XML.


  <Button Name='button1' Click='Clicked'>Click Me!</Button>
    void Clicked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        button1.Content = 'Hello World';

Here are some examples:

Example 1:

animation.Completed += delegate  
                  // Start the other animation after the end of the previous animation.   
                  if (lstDefinitions.Count > index)   
                      this.PerformAnimations(index, lstDefinitions);   

Example 2:

label.MouseDown += (sender, e) =>
            Console.WriteLine('MouseDown:{0}', e.OriginalSource);

            //Not clear why this is needed, but I guess this can effectively bypass
            // any attempt from the parent control to capture the mouse inside MouseDown handler.
            e.Handled = true;


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