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What’s New in .NET MAUI: 2022 Volume 2

What’s New in .NET MAUI: 2022 Volume 2

As you know, Syncfusion rolled out its first three sets of .NET MAUI controls in the most recent Essential Studio releases. With the same spirit, we are happy to deliver our fourth set of .NET MAUI controls and cool features in the Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2 release. We’ll take a look at them in this blog.

Introducing the fourth set of .NET MAUI controls

In the 2022 Volume 2 release, we introduce the following .NET MAUI controls in preview mode:

  • DataGrid
  • Maps
  • Avatar View
  • Busy Indicator
  • Signature Pad

.NET MAUI DataGrid

The new .NET MAUI DataGrid control can display and manipulate data in a tabular view. It was built from the ground up to achieve the best possible performance, even when loading a huge volume of data.

.NET MAUI DataGrid control
.NET MAUI DataGrid Control

Key features

  • Data binding: Bind different types of data sources, including data tables.
  • Column types: Show different data types in different types of columns. The following column types are supported: numeric, text, date, checkbox, image, and template. The template column is used to load any kind of control in a column.
  • Sorting: Interactively sort one or more columns.
  • Filtering: Programmatically filter data based on the criteria.
  • Column sizing: Set the width of columns with various sizing options. Columns can also be sized based on their content.
  • Auto-row height: Set the height for rows based on the content of their cells.
  • Selection: Select one or more rows. Keyboard navigation is supported for Windows and Mac Catalyst platforms.
  • Styling: Customize the appearance of cells and headers. Conditional styling is also supported.


The .NET MAUI Maps control is a powerful data visualization component that displays the statistical information of a geographical area. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as selection, tooltip, legends, markers, bubbles, and color mapping. You can generate maps to show population density, sales, political boundaries, weather, elections, and route data.

.NET MAUI Maps control
.NET MAUI Maps Control

Key features

  • Shape layers: Visualize the map area from GeoJSON or shapefile input data.
  • Data labels: Identify shapes by displaying their names. If the labels exceed the shape bounds, they are trimmed or hidden.
  • Markers: Denote a location with built-in symbols or display custom content at a specific latitude and longitude on a map.
  • Bubbles: Add information to shapes such as population density or number of users. Bubbles can be rendered in different colors and sizes based on the data values of their assigned shapes.
  • Shape selection: Select a shape to highlight a region on a map. You can use the callback for performing actions while selecting the shapes.
  • Legends: Use legends to show clear information about the data plotted on a map.
  • Colors: Categorize the shapes on a map by assigning their colors based on their underlying values. Also, it is possible to set a shape color for a specific value or for a range of values.
  • Tooltip: Display additional information about shapes, markers, and bubbles using a customizable tooltip.

.NET MAUI Avatar View

The .NET MAUI Avatar View control provides a graphical representation of a user’s image. You can customize the view by adding an image, gradient background, group view, and more.

.NET MAUI Avatar View control
.NET MAUI Avatar View control

Key features

  • Display initials, images, and font icons.
  • Customize the border color, background color, and corner radius in the view.
  • Add up to three images or initials in a single view.
  • Use different types of visual styles.
  • Add gradient backgrounds.

.NET MAUI Busy Indicator

The .NET MAUI Busy Indicator control provides a visual representation of an app loading, data processing, etc. We can customize it in terms of size, color, speed, and more.

.NET MAUI Busy Indicator control
.NET MAUI Busy Indicator control

Key features

  • Choose from three animation types: Circular Material, Linear Material, and Cupertino.
  • Customize the indicator color and overlay background.
  • Customize the animation duration.
  • Customize the size of the indicator.
  • Display a title with font customization.

.NET MAUI Signature Pad

The .NET MAUI Signature Pad is a highly interactive UI control that allows you to capture smooth and realistic signatures through drawing. You can also save the signature as an image and synchronize it with your devices and documents that need your signature.

.NET MAUI Signature Pad control
.NET MAUI Signature Pad Control

Key features

  • Stroke color: Customize the stroke color of the signature.
  • Stroke thickness: Set the minimum and maximum stroke thickness for the signature.
  • Save as image: Save the drawn signature as an image. It can then be used in any of the devices or documents that require one.
  • Realistic, handwritten look and feel: The unique stroke-rendering algorithm draws the signature based on the speed of the drawn gestures along with minimum and maximum stroke thicknesses. This gives a realistic, handwritten look and feel to the signature.

What’s new in our existing .NET MAUI controls?

ListView (Preview)

Keyboard navigation

Navigate through the items of the .NET MAUI ListView control using an external keyboard attached to the  Android device.


The .NET MAUI Scheduler control was updated with the following new features.

Resources in timeline view

This feature vertically groups the Scheduler resources and their appointments in timeline day, week, workweek, and month views.

Resource View in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Timeline View
Resource View in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Timeline View

Calendar types

This feature allows users to use different types of calendars, such as Gregorian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

Hijri Calendar Type in the .NET MAUI Scheduler
Hijri Calendar Type in the .NET MAUI Scheduler

Number of days visible

Customize the number of days visible in the day and timeline views.

Customizing the Number of Visible Days in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Day View
Customizing the Number of Visible Days in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Day View

Number of weeks visible in month view

Customize the number of weeks displayed in the month view.

Customizing the Number of Visible Weeks in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Month View
Customizing the Number of Visible Weeks in the .NET MAUI Scheduler’s Month View

Slider, Range Slider, and Range Selector

The .NET MAUI Slider, Range Slider, and Range Selector controls have the following new features in common.

Extend track

This feature provides an option to extend the track edges based on the given pixel value.

Track extension support
Track Extension Support

Edge label placement

You can place the edge labels inside the track bounds or based on the interval.

Edge label placement support
Edge Label Placement Support

Command support

Commands can be added for drag start and end events.

Syncfusion converters for .NET MAUI

Syncfusion provides 24 built-in converters that can be used in your .NET MAUI applications.

Brush to Color ConverterColor to Brush ConverterColor to Color for Text Converter
Color to Gray Scale Color ConverterColor to Inverse Color ConverterCompare Converter
Index to Array Item ConverterIs List Not Null or Empty ConverterIs String Not Null or Empty Converter
Is String Not Null or White Space ConverterBool to Object ConverterInverted Bool Converter
Decimal Value ConverterFormat String ConverterText Case Converter
Bool to Opacity ConverterDouble to Int ConverterMulti Converter
Numeric to Bool ConverterEnum to Int ConverterEqual Converter
Inverse Opacity ConverterList to String ConverterString to List Converter


Thanks for reading! We are also happy to announce that our .NET MAUI Radial Gauge, Linear Gauge, and Barcode controls are now production-ready.

Syncfusion’s support for .NET MAUI is still a work in progress. This is the fourth set of controls rolled out. Details on these controls and the Essential Studio 2022 Volume 2 release are available on our Release Notes and What’s New pages. Try out these new updates and leave your feedback in the comments section below!

For questions, you can contact us through our support forumsupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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