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Whats new in 2020 volume 2 - Blazor

What’s New in 2020 Volume 2: Blazor

Syncfusion is glad to announce the availability of Essential Studio 2020 Volume 2. This release brings exciting new features and enhancements in our Blazor components.

In this blog, I am going to give you a quick overview of the new features available for the Blazor platform in this Volume 2 release.

Components moving from preview to production-ready

The following components have been developed to meet industry standards. They are now marked as production-ready components for Blazor:

Major performance improvements

We have significantly improved the performance of several of our major components, including the DataGrid. Here are some actual metrics showing that the performance for initial loading and other major operations improved by over four times.

Grid performance table

Grid with 6 columns, 5000 rows – ondemand paging enabled Web Assembly application Web Assembly applicationServer application Server application
Action18.1.5918.2.0.44 18.1.5918.2.0.44
Initial loading (including script loading)~11350ms ~3100ms~1120ms~350ms
Grouping (single column)~1701ms ~1630ms~150ms~50ms
UnGrouping (single column)~440ms ~450ms~180ms~45ms
Filter set contains. (single column)~720ms ~710ms~65ms~30ms
Clearing filter~450ms ~460ms~120ms~40ms
Sorting (string column)~770ms ~745ms~110ms~45ms

All the above performance improvements were made possible by further reducing the amount of JavaScript code in our components. These improvements were made as part of our earlier commitment to remove dependency on JavaScript as much as possible.

The dependence on JavaScript was even completely eliminated in some components, like the Button and Calendar, and reduced by over 10x in components like the DataGrid and TreeGrid. Some of the related improvements include introducing strongly typed APIs and improved rendering and UI interaction performance.

All of the these improvements have been completed for the components listed below. The remaining components will receive these improvements in the next (Volume 3) release.


Breaking changes

Though we tried hard to avoid breaking changes in the APIs, some inevitable situations forced us to do so. Here are the breaking changes you should be aware of when upgrading your Syncfusion Blazor application to Essential Studio version

The breaking changes primarily consist of changes in providing strongly typed support. The changes can be found in the following link.


We believe that this will help you to refactor your code and improve your development time when you upgrade to this new version. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. However, we were very keen to introduce only necessary API breaks and completely assure the backward compatibility of the existing features and their behaviors.

We are happy to help you resolve any upgrade-related issues with high priority and request that you create a support ticket if you find it difficult to resolve problems related to the upgrade.

Mac installer for Syncfusion Blazor

We have provided a Mac installer for Syncfusion Blazor that Mac users can use.
Mac Installer for Syncfusion Blazor


Smart labels for pie and doughnut series

This feature allows users to place data labels smartly without them overlapping with one another in the charts.

Smart Labels for Pie Chart
Smart Labels for Pie Chart


Enhancement of virtual scrolling

The virtualization feature has been improved in scheduler, to help users load multiple resources within a template.

Virtual Scrolling In Schedule View
Virtual Scrolling In Schedule View

Inline editing

This feature allows users to edit an appointment’s title or create an appointment easily through a single click on the cells or on the existing appointment’s subject.

Inline Editing in Schedule View
Inline Editing in Schedule View

Year view

Utilize the horizontal year view in Scheduler that exposes the annual view of the Calendar component. This will help users who navigate between years and months frequently.

Horizontal Year View
Horizontal Year View

Enhancements in timeline year view

The timeline year view now has support to let you configure multiple resources, enable row auto-height, and drag-and-drop appointments.

Pivot Table

CSV data source support

In addition to JSON, the pivot table now supports CSV format as a data source. CSV data can be transferred from a local file or web service, or from an online downloadable link, and set as a data source for the Pivot Table.

Accumulation chart types

The pivot chart in the Pivot Table now has these chart types: pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel.

Pie Chart
Pie Chart
Doughnut Chart
Doughnut Chart

Word Processor

Form fields

This feature in word processor allows users to design forms using legacy form fields (text, check box, and drop-down) in a Word document and allows users to fill the form fields.

Form Fields in Word Processor
Form Fields in Word Processor

Update cross-reference fields

Users can update a cross-reference field that links to a bookmark in the Word document.

Track changes

Users can view the changes made to a Word document by several reviewers and accept or reject the changes.

Track changes feature in Word Processor
Track changes feature in Word Processor

Comment enhancements

The comment support in the Word Processor now lets users:

  • Customize the color of comments.
  • Restrict a reviewer from deleting comments made by other reviewers.

PDF Viewer

Ink annotation

The ink annotation support in PDF Viewer allows users to draw freehand on PDF files. You can move, resize, remove, or edit the appearance of the freehand drawings.

Ink Annotation in PDF Viewer
Ink Annotation in PDF Viewer


I hope you now have a clear idea of the new features available in our Blazor components for the 2020 Volume 2 release. Please be aware of the breaking changes that need to be done when upgrading to the latest version of Syncfusion’s Blazor components.

If you don’t have a Syncfusion license, but would like to try out these new features, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

If you have any questions about our products, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also contact us through our support forum, Direct-Trac, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!


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