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WinForms FAQ - COM

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To get these events instead of using event delegates, you can create a sink for the events by
using the IConnectionPointContainer and IConnectionPoint interfaces of the Spreadsheet/Chart
component. Here are two articles that you can check:

HOWTO: Handle Office XP Spreadsheet Events in Visual C# .NET

HOWTO: Handle Office XP Chart Events in Visual C# .NET

Reply posted by Elan Zhou (MS) in microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.windowsforms.


The tool Regasm.exe can create a COM typelib and creates the necessary entries in the registry (the CLSID and Typelib ). If only a typelib is required, you can use tlbexp.exe. A com callable wrapper (CCW) will be created when a COM client (VB, VBS, JS, C++ etc.) creates an instance of a (managed) class.


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