Writing Business Solution Applications with Essential Studio

Writing Business Solution Applications with Essential Studio

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Cogent-png When clients demand fast and reliable development that maintains a consistent look and feel, it can be a difficult process to achieve leading edge business technology that satisfies their needs.

Staying Ahead

Having the competitive edge in business is meaningless if a company’s processes are not efficient and sustainable in the long term. Business Solution Integrators (BSI) collaborates with clients to build robust and flexible business solutions in a Rapid Application Development framework. Customers demand the most progressive and advanced capabilities and BSI is dedicated to delivering them.

Integrating the Business Solution

Syncfusion’s Essential Suite easily and quickly gave developers the ability to write Windows Forms applications with an XP look and feel, without sacrificing development time or quality. The familiarity of the work environment increased programming speed, and allowed developers to work intuitively within the component. The product’s attractive price allowed for the purchase of multiple licenses, which enabled BSI to provide more developers the ability to use the product.

About Business Solution Integrators

Business Solution Integrators (BSI) is a nationwide business and technology consulting company that delivers creative, technology-based solutions to meet the unique business objectives of companies in the collection industry. The company specializes in financial debt collection business practices and data pipelines and offers several debt collection industry solutions. BSI has developed many mission-critical custom applications designed to support large call centers, integrated workflows, data cleansing, data warehousing and management reporting systems. Their website is located at

The Challenge

  • Applications with a consistent XP look

  • Reduce training and learning curves

  • Reduce development and testing cost

The Benefits

  • Easy-to-operate environment
    • Competitive license price.
  • Familiar interface
    • Familiar interface.
  • Competitively-priced
    • Easy-to-operate environment.

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