Leaping Hurdles with Syncfusion’s Xamarin.Forms

Leaping Hurdles with Syncfusion's Xamarin.Forms

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We had awesome support through the purchasing process and follow-up.

Challenge and Solution

Losing a top-level team member can often put a hurdle in the path of a project’s completion. When the development team for the city and county of Denver lost the contractor acting as their senior-level developer, the team was in a bind. With one developer and his skills gone, and a deadline approaching, the team members started looking for a quick and simple solution.

“To save time, we required a solid but easy-to-use framework to build on top of Xamarin.Forms,” said Yasufumi Hotta, an application innovator with the Denver team.

When Hotta decided on Syncfusion’s Essential Studio for Xamarin, he was pleasantly surprised by the level of support from the get-go, praising his account manager for helping them through the purchasing process and taking the time to follow up. He was also impressed with the responsiveness of the online support team.

The city and county of Denver’s development team used Syncfusion controls to standardize the implementation of their app within their team, and simplify it. They also saved a lot of time doing it, managing to leap the hurdle of missing a team member.

Hotta says their app is “not out in the wild yet,” but we look forward to seeing it when it’s ready!


  • development-time
    • Sped up process.
  • Standardized-implementation
    • Standardized implementation within the team.
  • Simplified implementation
    • Simplified implementation.

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