Receive Up-to-Date Trading Information Using the Syncfusion Grid Control

Receive Up-to-Date Trading Information Using the Syncfusion Grid Control

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Lava Trading provides innovative technology and high-performing trade solutions for the largest securities trading firms. The company places a high value on speed, intelligence and reliability in its patented products and capital market expertise, an emphasis customers have come to rely on in times of market instability.

Hedging the Bet

To provide demanding customers the most accurate and up-to-date real-time market data, Lava Trading faced the need to upgrade its systems. They realized that a high performance .NET grid would allow them the functionality to keep customers informed of every instance of market fluctuation, while still supplying the level of accuracy that their customers had come to depend upon.

Forecasting Great Odds

Lava Trading engineers looked at building a solution from the ground up and compared the requirements (speed, functionality and source code) to what was currently available. An extensive comparison between top vendors led Lava Trading to Syncfusion, where the Essential Grid, a product within Syncfusion’s Essential Studio, showed excellent capability to support most low level functionality right out of the box.

Reaping the Returns

With the implementation of the Grid control, Lava Trading programmers realized a greater flexibility with the program’s controls and compatibility with Essential Studio. The familiar user interface, similar to Microsoft Excel, also allowed new users to become up to speed quickly and easily. Lava Trading plans to participate in Syncfusion’s future beta programs to stay ahead of the curve for new products and enhancements, ensuring its customers that they too will remain informed and be able to continue making the most intelligent decisions.

About Lava Trading, Inc.

Lava Trading, Inc. is an innovative technology firm that develops unique, high-performance trading solutions for large securities trading floors. The company’s products are created as true ASP.NET solutions built to withstand maximum volumes in the most volatile conditions. As a cost effective and neutral provider, Lava supplies its OTC and Listed solutions to market makers and broker/dealers, including most of the top 20 U.S. investment banks. Via sponsoring brokers, Lava’s leading technology is also available to institutional investors and fund advisors. With its patented products and capital markets expertise, Lava Trading creates value-added trading solutions that combine speed, intelligence and reliability. Their website is

The Challenge

  • Maintain high level of performance

  • Provide rich functionality

  • Access source code

The Benefits

  • Minimal effort to integrate
    • Minimal effort to integrate.
  • Wide range of controls
    • Wide range of controls.
  • Excellent support and regular updates
    • Excellent support and regular updates.

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