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New Collaboration Aims to Set Big Data Standards

Big data is difficult to manage. It is difficult to store, it is difficult to sort, it is difficult to interpret, and it is difficult to make work for you. But big data is also tremendously valuable, offering fantastic opportunities for developers to create useful apps and to improve their own products and processes. If only there were more consistent and useful standards to help developers manage the flow of data, the rewards of fully investing in big data would be more obtainable.

In response to this need comes the Open Data Initiative. Announced at Microsoft Ignite, the Open Data Initiative is a collaboration between Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP intended to allow big data sets to be transferred across systems, each of which can easily work with the data without compromising its ability to be moved. If it proves successful, this initiative will make it easier than ever for developers to make meaningful use of big data, as it means that the strengths of different solutions can be brought to bear to make the most of any data set. Even if it proves an insufficient solution to the problem, it’s clear that the challenge of shared standards is being treated seriously by major companies in the industry.

The power of three major developers is behind the Open Data Initiative.

Syncfusion has long tried to make big data an accessible tool for developers. Our Big Data Platform was the first and is still the only complete Hadoop distribution designed for Windows, Azure, and Linux. We know that developers work across a wide variety of platforms, and we know that it’s simply irresponsible to not strive to make the data you need available across the platforms you use. Similarly, our Data Integration Platform makes it easy to take big data sets—whether from one of our platforms or another—and begin working with them immediately, and compatibility with other tools like our Dashboard Platform bring the power of other Syncfusion solutions to your big data projects. Regardless of what the future holds for projects like the Open Data Initiative, Syncfusion is already on the front lines of making big data easy to work with, regardless of how a developer uses big data.

Are your big data needs being met? Do you think the Open Data Initiative is a solution to the problems you face? Let us know in the comments below.

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