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Enterprise-grade Dashboard Solution

The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive business dashboards. It includes a powerful dashboard designer application for easily composing dashboards as well as a web interface for managing and sharing dashboards.


Preparing Data

Existing data that is stored in a wide variety of data sources like Microsoft Excel files, relational databases, and HDFS are first transformed into a format that is ready for visualization using dashboards. The Syncfusion Big Data Platform also greatly compliments the dashboard since it offers one of the most versatile ETL tools available. Data from virtually any format, including a mix of structured and unstructured data sources, can be imported into HDFS and be easily transformed into the desired format before visualizing as dashboards.

Simple Data Preparation

The dashboard designer application has the capability to do simple transformations on data like joining multiple tables, adding expression columns, hiding specific columns, and more. If the data is almost in the format that you need for visualizing as dashboards and only requires a few simple tweaks, then it is possible to do that within the dashboard application itself.


Complex Data Preparation

If the data transformation requirements are more complex and require operations like merging data from several sources, including a mix of structured and unstructured data, then we recommend using the Syncfusion Data Integration Platform. Data from various sources can be imported and transformed into the desired format.


Composing Dashboards

The intuitive dashboard designer application makes it easy for everyone to create powerful dashboards. The rich selection of data visualization widgets available makes it possible to visualize your data as desired. It is also possible to make the dashboards interactive by letting end users drill down and filter data.

Connect to data

There is built-in support to connect to most common data sources including Excel, CSV, Text Document, JSON, SQLite, SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services, PostgreSQL, Spark, Hive, ODBC enabled databases like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Access, Microsoft Azure Table Storage, Salesforce and RESTful Web Services.


Connect using OAuth

Using OAuth connect to popular web services of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Dropbox, and GitHub.


Data Transformation

Data transformation operations like joining tables, filtering, hiding columns, and adding expression columns can be performed. There is built in support for over 40 expressions.


Rich selection of widgets

There is a rich selection of data visualization widgets, including charts, grids, pivot grids, treemaps, and gauges. Several powerful filter widgets like range navigators, date pickers, and combo boxes are also available.


User based filtering

Each user can be shown different data based on their permissions.


Intuitive widget configuration options

All the available widgets can be easily configured though a simple yet intuitive configuration dialog.


Drag-and-Drop layout

Once the widgets have been configured, they can be easily arranged on the designer surface using drag-and-drop operations to compose the dashboard layout.


Enable Drill-down

Several widgets have support for allowing users to drill-down data. This functionality greatly improves the readability of the data.


Link to other dashboards

Several widgets have support for linking to other dashboards while passing the required parameters from the source to the target dashboards.


Publishing Dashboards

Syncfusion Dashboard Platform includes a powerful dashboard server application that provides a web interface for managing and sharing dashboards. Alternatively you can also choose to embed dashboards within your applications.

Dashboard management

Dashboards are efficiently organized under categories. Permissions to view dashboards can be given to specific users or groups.


Shared Data Sources

Create shared data sources and associate with any Dashboard within the Dashboard Server application

Shared data source

Dashboard Views

Apply the required filters and save the current state of the dashboard as views for future access.

Dashboard view

Designer integration

Dashboards can be published to the sever from within the designer application itself.

design integration

SSO for Azure ADFS

Dashboard Server supports single sign-on(SSO) login using the Azure Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) authentication provider. AD FS is a service provided by Microsoft as a standard role for Windows Server that provides a web login using existing Active Directory credentials.


Office 365 Integration

Users can sign into the dashboard server using their existing Office 365 credentials.



All the dashboards published to the server are versioned, so it is possible to revert back to an older version if required.


User Management

Users can be easily organized into groups to accurately map the structure of small and large organizations.


Active directory authentication

Seamlessly import users and permissions from Active Directory authentication.

Active Directory


Dashboards can be generated and emailed according to a schedule. The scheduling functionality is very flexible.


Flexible permissions

A flexible permission scheme controls access to reading, writing, and deleting dashboards.


View dashboards within the browser

The built-in HTML 5 dashboard viewer lets users view dashboards from within the browser.


Mobile Responsive

Dashboards can now be viewed in mobile devices with its reflowing widgets.


Scheduled Auto-Refresh

Schedule the whole dashboard or specific widgets to be automatically refreshed at the desired time intervals.


Easily collaborate with other users by commenting on dashboards.


Custom branding

The dashboard designer and server have built-in customization capabilities allowing you to add your organization’s name, logo, and more.



The Dashboard server's user interface can be localized to any desired language.


The Dashboard Designer's user interface can be localized to any desired language.


The Dashboard Viewer’s user interface can be localized to any desired language.


Embedded dashboards

Dashboards can also be embedded within your applications using the SDK provided.


Large Screen Display

Dashboards have been optimized to be displayed on large television screens.




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