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Syncfusion Data Integration Platform

Bring data from any source together. Easily.
  • Powerful visual interface for transforming data from various sources.
  • Easily integrates with the Syncfusion Big Data and Dashboard Platforms.
  • Save millions in licensing and maintenance costs over comparable solutions.
Free Community License Available
Save over 90% with Unlimited Flat Fee Licensing

The Syncfusion Data Integration Platform

The Syncfusion Data Integration Platform provides an intuitive visual interface for integrating and transforming data from various sources into analytics-ready data. The transformed data can then be easily used for data warehousing, creating reports and dashboards, or for business intelligence analysis purposes.


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No coding required

The entire data processing workflow can be set up using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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Connect to various data sources

Several built-in data processors are available for working with popular data sources, including:

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Flexible Scheduling

The data processing workflow can be easily configured to run on a schedule.

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Write custom processors to extend the capabilities of the platform.

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User Management Server

Users are fetched from the User Management Server. The server then authenticates users to login to the Data Integration Platform.

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Secure Data Flow

All transfer of data between different points in the system is secured using enterprise-grade encryption.

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Data Provenance

Automatically records, indexes, and provides provenance data as objects flow throughout the system. Trace any data to its source.

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Powered by Apache NiFi

NiFi was originally developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Apache Nifi is now a top-level project of the Apache Foundation.

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Integration with the Syncfusion Big Data and Dashboard Platforms

Data that has been processed by the Syncfusion Data Integration Platform can be exported to the Big Data Platform for further processing or to the Dashboard Platform for creating interactive dashboards.

What's New in Syncfusion Data-Integration Platform

The Syncfusion Data Integration Platform expands its boundaries by adding 29 new processors and 11 controller services. It also provides support to view preview of input and output data, add variable registry at the process group level, organize categories in components toolbar, and view usage of provenance repository storage.

Registry variables at the process group level

Support to add or modify registry variables at the process group level.

New processors for more functionality

Added 29 new processors.

View preview of input and output data

Support to view input and output data for each processor.


Unlimited servers and unlimited users for no extra fee.

Revenue 1 to 20 Million USD

$ 3,995
Per Year
Revenue 21 to 50 Million USD

$ 6,995
Per Year
Revenue 51 to 100 Million USD

$ 9,995
Per Year
Revenue 101 to 200 Million USD

$ 19,995
Per Year
Revenue 201 to 300 Million USD

$ 29,995
Per Year
Additional Tiers

Every global license comes with the following:

  • Unlimited developers
  • Unlimited users
  • 24 × 5 support via Direct-Trac
  • 800+ controls for web, desktop, and mobile platforms
  • Access to quarterly updates
  • Dashboard Platform (unlimited users and servers)
  • Report Platform (unlimited users and servers)
  • Big Data Platform (unlimited users and servers)
  • Data Integration Platform (unlimited users and servers)

30-day money back guarantee

Not ready for a Global License?

No worries. Project Licenses starts at $3,995 per project.

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Free Community License

Get access to our entire suite of products including 800+ components, Dashboard Platform, Reporting Platform, Data Integration Platform and Big Data Platform for free.


Retail License

Easily integrate and transform data from various sources into analytics-ready data.

$1,995 per server per year



The highest-rated component studio on Componentsource

  • Syncfusion’s tools provide features right out of the box, such as charts, layout controls, maps and reporting. If these controls were designed and implemented manually, the development process would be slowed exponentially!

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  • Syncfusion makes developing easier, simpler, and rewarding.

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