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Interview with Xamarin Community Toolkit Succinctly Author Alessandro Del Sole

Interview with Xamarin Community Toolkit Succinctly Author Alessandro Del Sole

The following is a brief interview with longtime Succinctly author Alessandro Del Sole, whose book Xamarin Community Toolkit Succinctly was recently published. You can download the book from our ebook portal.

Xamarin Community Toolkit Succinctly Series Ebook

What should people know about the Xamarin Community Toolkit? Why is it important?

The Xamarin Community Toolkit includes controls and reusable objects of common use that improve development productivity without the need to reinvent the wheel in a lot of scenarios. That’s the main reason why people should have a look.

When did you first become interested in the Toolkit?

I first became interested in the toolkit when Microsoft moved the new media player component from the regular Xamarin.Forms codebase into this new library. And then I discovered how much it could be of interest for developers like me, working on mobile apps with Xamarin.

By writing this ebook, did you learn anything new yourself?

Before, I learned to use the features that could be useful for my work, but writing this book gave me the opportunity to have a complete overview of all the features that this library delivers, and they are so many!

How will the Xamarin Community Toolkit change over the next few years?

The Xamarin Community Toolkit is naturally, gradually evolving into the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit, which will also be available when .NET MAUI ships. What readers learn today with this book will work with the new updates.

Do you see the Toolkit as part of a larger trend in software development?

I see this library as an integral part of mobile app development with Xamarin now, and with .NET MAUI later. So, in short, the answer is yes.

What other books or resources on this topic do you recommend?

I can recommend Xamarin.Forms Succinctly and Real-World Xamarin.Forms Succinctly, which I recently published for Syncfusion.

Do you have a blog page or a website where people can find you?

I’m happy to connect with people on LinkedIn with my first name and last name.

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