Announcing the Release of eSignature Platform BoldSign
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Announcing the Release of E-Signature Platform BoldSign

Announcing the Release of eSignature Platform BoldSign

We’d like to present our Bold product line’s newest, shiniest star: BoldSign.

BoldSign is an eSignature platform offering a cloud app and a native .NET SDK that can be embedded directly into companies’ applications for sending, signing, and tracking contracts. With 20 years of experience creating APIs for developers, Syncfusion understands what users need from an electronic signature app better than anyone else in the market, which is why BoldSign is snappy and simple.

Snappy and simple

Even if your documents could be considered novellas, you can count on BoldSign’s fast response and upload times. The entire process is: upload your document, enter your recipients, configure the signature fields, hit send. Voilà. Nothing left but awaiting responses.

Send your documents off even more quickly with:

  • Preconfigured templates for documents you send frequently with signature requests.
  • Customizable templates to adjust the requests to different groups of people.
  • Bulk links to allow multiple people to sign identical documents separately.

Keep both an eye and a thumb on those documents with:

  • A dashboard to track contract statuses.
  • A dedicated team view with customizable permissions so team leaders can see all their team’s contracts, but team members can see only ones relevant to them.

If your signees procrastinate, you can set up automatic reminders to poke them gently until they respond. BoldSign also works with in-person eSigning (like when you sign for a package). Some of the signees in a business user’s workflow can even choose to print and sign documents if needed.

Starter plan

Of course, since this is Syncfusion, you know we have a free version so you can make sure all our boasts check out. In fact, right now, the free version of BoldSign includes 90% of the features in the paid versions. Some of those cool features:

  • Send out 25 documents a month with signature requests for free.
  • Play in our API sandbox.
  • Arrange more complex workflows, like sending signature requests to signees in a particular order.
  • Slap your company’s logo on requests to reassure recipients they are not spam or fraudulent.
  • Manage multiple brands at the document level.
  • Check out our website for transparent pricing when and if you’re ready to level up.

If you find yourself burning through your 300 free documents, the paid business plan or the business plan API gets you 16 times that at about $0.10/ document.

Business plan

Now we get to the heavy-duty features that people who don’t send a lot of contracts probably don’t need, anyway. But if you do business requiring a lot of signatures? The business plan is the way to go.

First of all, business users get to graduate from the sandbox. They can actually purchase credits for and use those automation APIs that the free users can only play with.

So, if a business user wants to automate the sending of documents for signatures, they’ll need to spend code automation (API) credits. You don’t pay twice, though: a document that uses an API credit doesn’t use a document credit. Check out our API demos here.

Another cool perk of the paid plans is à la carte document credits. Say you’ve started out with a business plan but find yourself running over your 600-document limit. Well, you can upgrade to the business plan, but if the commitment makes you queasy, you can also purchase document credits individually. These credits never expire, so don’t worry if you buy extra by accident.

For a more thorough comparison of features at our different pricing tiers, see our pricing page.

Wait, what exactly uses a document credit?

If you…Then you have spent…
Send 1 document to 1 person for a signature1 document credit
Send 1 document to 5 people for signatures1 document credit
Realize after sending that you forgot a person, revoke the document, and send it again to all 6 people1 document credit

(You’ll be refunded 1 for the revoked doc.)

Send 2 documents to 1 person for signatures on both2 document credits
Send 2 documents to 20 people each for signatures2 document credits
Auto-send a document to 2 people for signatures1 API credit

0 document credits


These are just some of the highlights of our brand-new BoldSign electronic signature platform. For a more comprehensive look, please see our website. Or just jump straight into our 30-day free trial for the full business-plan experience.

For Syncfusion, providing a world-class user interface is one of our top goals. You won’t find a better eSignature solution on the market this fast and easy to use. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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