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Announcing Syncfusion’s Xamarin Holiday Challenge

Developer competitions always provide an opportunity to explore new things. Who’s going to say no to a developer competition if it teaches you how to use the software and also offers great prizes?

Our primary focus at Syncfusion is to make developers’ lives easier by providing a huge number of amazing custom controls and tools that will help them every day.

We’re launching this Xamarin Holiday Challenge today to help you understand how easy it is to add our Xamarin controls and prebuilt XAML pages from the Essential UI Kit to your project. You’re only going to complete the challenge by following the steps we have created for you, and you’ll immediately be given the chance to win our prizes.

This is the final output you will get after this challenge has been completed
This is the final output you will get after this challenge has been completed

The challenge

By the end of this Xamarin Holiday Challenge, you will have learned how to use the Essential UI Kit and Syncfusion controls to create basic views for a personalized calendar app with navigation.

Follow this guide if you are using Windows, or follow this MacOS guide.

Once you have exactly followed the steps listed for Windows or MacOS, you will have built the pages and navigation for a basic personalized calendar and scheduling app. Making the proper login authentication and feeding the appointment data to the scheduler makes this a complete app.

Send us the final project

Use the following form to fill out your contact details and upload your final project to enter the drawing for prizes:

Note: Make sure to delete all the bin and obj folders before compressing and uploading the Xamarin.Forms project.

The prizes

One hundred participants who successfully complete the challenge will be selected at random and awarded a $25 Amazon gift card (subject to Terms and Conditions).

The winners will be announced within seven days of the challenge end date and the prizes will be distributed within 30 days of notifying the winners.

The challenge begins December 2, 2019, at 12:01 AM EST, and ends on December 25, 2019, at 11:59 PM EST.

Read more about the rules of this challenge: Terms and Conditions.

About Syncfusion

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Syncfusion has more than 20,000+ customers and more than 1 million users, including large financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and global IT consultancies.

Today we provide 1,000+ controls and frameworks for web (ASP.NET CoreASP.NET MVCASP.NET WebFormsJavaScriptAngularReactVue, and Blazor), mobile (XamarinUWP, and JavaScript), and desktop development (WinFormsWPF, and UWP). We provide ready-to-deploy enterprise software for dashboards, reports, data integration, and big data processing. Many customers have saved millions in licensing fees by deploying our software.


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Comments (9)

Count me in

Prabakaran Ramasamy
Prabakaran Ramasamy

Glad you took part in this challenge. We have not been able to find your entry in the responses. Have you submitted your completed project through the above-mentioned form?

I was only committing to doing the challenge. I have now completed it. I submitted it 3 times because I was trying to get a recording of my successful completion of the challenge for my YouTube channel. You can view it here

Just submitted the form. It’s so easy. I’m really excited to look into the UI Kit.

Niladri Prasad Padhy
Niladri Prasad Padhy

Atleast Give some consolation prize for all participants.

Niladri Prasad Padhy
Niladri Prasad Padhy

I have submitted the form. It’s so easy to use Xamarin UI Kit. Also I have used Syncfusion controls in one of my application.

Ognyan Chernokozhev
Ognyan Chernokozhev

When doing the project late in the evening, there is a bug in Meeting.cs that causes an exception to be thrown in the line EndTime = new DateTime(…. , StartTime.Hour + 1, … )
It is safer to use EndTime = StartTime.AddHours(1);

Still, the meetings may appear off the calendar. I suggest to revise the code in SchedulerPageViewModel() that populates the Meetings and make sure they are generated in daytime hours.

Prabakaran Ramasamy
Prabakaran Ramasamy


Thank you for your feedback. We looked at your feedback and updated it to display all the meetings in the daytime hours.


Thank is a good product.
It’s so easy to use Xamarin UI Kit.
Also I have used Syncfusion controls in core application.

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