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A Tour of Syncfusion’s TypeScript Components Webinar Q&A

On Feb. 19, 2018, Syncfusion hosted the webinar, “A Tour of Syncfusion’s TypeScript Components,” presented by Product Manager Chad Church. Church demonstrated Syncfusion’s new TypeScript controls, and showed how easily they work with Angular and React. The following blog post is the Q&A portion of the webinar. A recording of the webinar can be found on our YouTube page, or you can watch here:

Q: Is there a way to get the beta of EJ2? The app I am developing relies heavily on schedule and if I could start playing with it, it would very awesome.

A: Thanks, Alberto. Sure, the beta version for schedule rolled out with the Volume 1 release.

Q: How can I integrate these in an existing project (web/SharePoint)? What’s the best practice?

A: If your project is based on ES6 modules, please refer to this for getting started:

If your project is based on plain ES5 JavaScript:

Q: Here is a short video for SharePoint add-In development: Do I have to manually add all the Syncfusion scripts, or is it possible to add references over NuGet? What is the best way?

A: Currently, you have to manually add the references to your project. However, I have created a feature report for publishing our JavaScript packages in NuGet, also. The approximate timeline for publishing is the end of March.

Q:  Say I want to publish the provided example based on this package ( to Azure cloud. The release version should only upload the minified version and only the components from Syncfusion that are used in the projects. How can I do this?

A: When you are using a webpack path, webpack has impressive minification support through UglifyJS.

Q: Does the uploader support chunking for large file sizes?

A: Currently, uploader does not support chunk upload. But the feature will include it in an upcoming release.

Q: Can routes be defined on the map feature? This is for truck management.

A: Yes. We have provided navigation lines support. Lines or paths can be drawn between two coordinates in maps.

Q: In the grid component, is the fetch API supported for the data source?

A: Yes, data can be handled externally in grid. You can use the dataStateChange event to perform data requests (using fetch API) and bind the result in grid.

Q: Are these components HTML custom components? Will they be in the future?

A: Currently, we don’t have immediate plans for web components.

Q: Are Syncfusion charts based on SVG under the hood?

A: Yes. Charts are rendered as SVG elements.

Q: Can EJ2 controls be combined with Razor (with attributes) as is the case in EJ1 controls?

A: Yes, they will have support for Razor syntax.

Q: Where do I go in the docs to find out about wrappers, such as for ASP.NET Core?

A: ASP.Net Core wrappers just came out with our most recent release.

Q: Is it the same for KMZ files?

A: Maps won’t support KMZ files directly. We can convert them to GeoJSON data and we can bind that to maps.

Q: Can we import layers in maps views?

A: Yes, you can. You can use GeoJSON data to render shapes in layers or you can use map providers like Bing or Open Street Map.

Q: I’ve been looking on the demo page for data-binding, but am none the wiser—can you show some data-binding in a control so I’ll have an easier time reading the code?

A: Do you have any specific controls in mind? That way I can give sample links for those. Here is the grid link:

Q: Can the form validator validate based on what’s defined in MVC’s data validation annotations in a mixed MVC/TS solution?

A: Yes, the form validator can support MVC’s data annotations.

Q: Do the EJ2 controls render properly on a 10″ tablet?

A: Yes, they will.

Q: Can we use TypeScript with ASP.NET classic C#?

A: Currently we don’t have any wrappers for Web Forms. However, you can use our controls with ASP.Net Web Forms projects using TypeScript/JavaScript-based control initialization.

Q: When exporting chart to PDF, what browsers are supported for in-browser export?

A: We have provided PDF exporting support for now in the 2018 Volume 1 release. Chart export is supported in all the major browsers!

Q: When will the Angular version contain everything you were showing in TS?

A: Both TS and Angular versions will have similar new features and new controls.

Q: Can calendar import data from Google Calendar or from Outlook Calendar?

A: Currently, the schedule control does not have a feature to import events from Google Calendar or Outlook. We will consider it for upcoming releases.


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