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How to stop Kaspersky from blocking the program?

To stop your Kaspersky for easy access to the website, it is advisable to open Kaspersky Total Security and go to Settings. Then, explore the ‘Protection’ column and enable the switch name as ‘Anti-banner’. After selecting that, click on ‘Configure blocked URLs’. Select the URL which you want to unlock. Then click on the ‘Remove’ option. In the end, close the window on the screen and start surfing the site.

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VS Vikram Singh October 23, 2021 11:55 AM UTC

Clients can use 'blacklists' in Kaspersky's anti-virus and Internet security products to block undesired sites, such as those that house malware or deliver intrusive adverts. In any event, generous sites are occasionally wrongly blacklisted. Then we just worried about how to stop Kaspersky from blocking website.

There are various ways to stop Kaspersky from blocking a website some are below

Method 1 to stop Kaspersky from blocking websites:-

  1. Open Kaspersky Total security and then go to Settings
  2. In Settings, explore the Protection column and then enable the switch named ‘Anti-banner’
  3. After selecting Anti-banner, you have to click on ‘Configure Allow URLs’
  4. Click on the ‘Add’ option.
  5. You have to type the domain name or type the domain IP address of the website you are willing to
  6. allow such as typing without the quotations, “domain name” or “”
  7. From the Status menu bar, select ‘Active’
  8. Call on the ‘Add’ option
  9. Close the window on the screen.
After that, you will be able to whitelist your website in Kaspersky If you still have any queries call our support team at +1-888-832-1727 for instant help and support.

IV Impression Ville November 1, 2021 11:09 AM UTC

tips. If you don't want Kaspersky blocking websites at all, toggle the Anti-Banner switch to the "Off" position from the Protection Center. You can also uncheck the "Block" and "Allow" list check boxes from the Anti-Banner menu.

SO Soniya December 8, 2023 06:51 AM UTC

  1. Open Kaspersky: Think of it like talking to the guard. Find the Kaspersky icon on your computer and open it.

  2. Go to Settings: It's like having a chat with the guard about the rules. Look for "Settings" or "Preferences" in Kaspersky.

  3. Find Exclusions: Imagine telling the guard, "Let this friend in." In Kaspersky, look for something like "Exclusions" or "Allowed Programs."

  4. Add the Program: It's like adding your friend to the guest list. Find the option to add a program and choose the one Kaspersky is blocking.

  5. Save Changes: It's like confirming with the guard. Save your changes in Kaspersky.

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