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How do I automatically refresh a component in Blazor?

Blazor detects the UI changes in common scenarios like EventCallback (button click, dropdown select, etc.), and refreshes the component. However, there are some situations in an app where a UI refresh needs to be triggered manually to re-render the component. The StateHasChanged method is used to force re-render a component UI.

@using System.Threading;


<button @onclick=@StartCountdown>Start Timer</button>

@functions {
    private int Count { get; set; } = 10;

    void StartCountdown()
        var timer = new Timer(new TimerCallback(_ =>
            if (Count > 0)

                // Note that the following line is necessary because otherwise
                // Blazor would not recognize the state change and not refresh the UI
                InvokeAsync(() =>

        }), null, 1000, 1000);

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