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What is in .NET 5.0 for the Web Developers

What’s in .NET 5.0 for Web Developers

At last, Microsoft has officially released .NET 5.0 for developers. This .NET 5.0 will be a single unified platform for building applications that run on all platforms, like Windows, Linux, IoT, and mobile devices. The schedule for availability of the new .NET version, as provided by Microsoft, is available in a graphic provided Visual Studio Magazine.

In this blog post, we will explore some major highlights of the .NET 5.0 official release.

Web technologies that were skipped in .NET 5.0

ASP.NET Web Forms

ASP.NET Web Forms is not available anymore from .NET 5.0. Microsoft strongly recommends developers use ASP.NET Core Blazor or Razor pages as an alternate to ASP.NET Web Forms.

This recommendation was officially made in the Microsoft What’s New in .NET 5.0  documentation page.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Microsoft is recommending the use of gRPC as an alternative to WCF. It is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, open-source RPC (remote procedure call) framework. It is lightweight, too.

However, the Azure App Service and Internet Information Services (IIS) are not currently supporting ASP.NET Core gRPC . gRPC relies on the HTTP response trailing headers. These HTTP response trailing headers are not supported by the HTTP/2 implementation of Http.Sys.

For more information, please refer to this GitHub link.

Performance aspects in .NET 5.0


In .NET 5.0, the performance of System.Text.JSON is significantly improved. People who are familiar with Newtonsoft.Json can easily adapt to System.Text.JSON. It also includes the support for deserializing JSON objects to records.

If you are looking at using System.Text.Json as an alternative to Newtonsoft.Json, then you should check out this migration guide first. This guide clarifies the relationship between these two APIs. System.Text.Json is intended to cover many of the same scenarios as Newtonsoft.Json in the future.

For more information about the performance aspects of .NET 5, please see this article.

Blazor AOT ( ahead-of-time compilation)

Ahead-of-time compilation in Blazor is the most anticipated feature by developers for speed gains. Unfortunately, the availability of this feature has been postponed, but it is expected to be available in the .NET 6 release.

Syncfusion supports .NET 5.0

Syncfusion provides support for creating projects using .NET 5.0 in the Blazor, WPF, ASP.NET Core, and WinForms platforms. You can check out the compatibility in our 2020 Volume 4 release notes and on the What’s New page.


In this blog, we have seen some major highlights of the .NET 5.0 official release that every web developer should know to avail of its benefits completely. This single, unified platform will help us easily build apps for all platforms and devices using a single base class library. That will enhance our productivity and reduce our workload, too.

Syncfusion has 1,600 components and frameworks for WinFormsWPF, ASP.NET (Web FormsMVCCore), WinUI, UWPXamarinFlutterJavaScriptAngularBlazorVue, and React. Use them to boost your application development speed!

If you wish to send us feedback, please use the comments section below. You can also contact us through our support forumDirect-Trac, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!


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