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Upcoming Essential XlsIO features in 2018 Volume 1 release

Syncfusion is happy to announce that the following features and enhancements will be available in Essential XlsIO for the upcoming February release:

  • Filter Excel columns by color and icon
  • Access dependent and precedent cells
  • Paste copied cell content as a link
  • Print Excel worksheets
  • Export data from Excel to business objects

Filter Excel columns by color and icon


AutoFilters help filter data, providing a quick and easy way to find and work with a subset of data in a range of cells. When you filter data, entire rows are hidden if values in one or more columns don’t meet the filtering criteria. Essential XlsIO already supports text, date-time, dynamic, combination, and advanced filters. In addition to these, filtering values based on color and icon will be added in the upcoming release.

Filter by color

Color filters can be used to filter data based on the color applied to the cell or the color applied to the text in the cell.

For example, let’s consider data of monthly sales projections. To differentiate the profit and loss, you have applied text colors as red, yellow, light green, and dark green to categorize the sales as poor, average, good, and excellent. This color filter will make it easier to view only the data you want to see. Want to see the excellent sales projections? Choose the dark green text color in the color filter.

Filter values based on text color

Filter by icon

Icon filters can be used to filter data with specific icons, where conditional formatting with icon sets is applied.

For example, if you are generating a report of expired and expiring medicines in Excel, icon sets play a major role in visualizing that data. At the same time, if users can get a filtered report based on expired medicines and expiring medicines, this makes their job easier.

Filter values based on icon color

Access dependent and precedent cells

Precedent cells are cells or ranges that are referenced by a formula in another cell. Dependent cells are cells or ranges that refer to other cells.

Consider the cell A6 contains the formula =SUM (A1:A5). Cells A1:A5 are precedents of A6, and A6 is dependent of all the cells A1:A5. This enhancement determines whether any cells on the current sheet refer to a particular cell before deleting it to prevent #REF! errors from occurring.

Paste copied cell content as a link

At times, it is required to copy information from one range and paste it to another range, worksheet, or workbook. In such cases, if there is a correction needed in the source content that was copied, or the content needs to be changed after pasting it to another range, then all the pasted range would need to be edited or copied again.

The enhancement allows you to copy content and paste it as a link, which will reduce the effort of correcting the content. This is because all the copied range will reference the source content range as a formula.

Print Excel worksheets

Printing an Excel worksheet through code will be introduced in the upcoming release. All the page settings and printer settings will be considered and printed without dependencies on Microsoft Excel or Adobe Reader.

Export data from Excel into business objects

There are several ways to import data into Excel worksheets through APIs, but exporting data from an Excel worksheet was only possible to DataTables. This enhancement will help users export data into a collection for platforms that don’t support DataTable. This helps developers populate business objects or model collections from an Excel document very easily.


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