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Transform Data Easily with Data Integration Platform

On August 15, Syncfusion hosted a webinar showcasing the Syncfusion Data Integration Platform, a comprehensive ETL solution. Presented by Chad Church and moderated by Marissa Keller Outten, the webinar detailed the process of setting up data flows to pull information from Twitter and store it in SQL Server. A recording of the webinar is provided below, and the Q&A portion of the webinar follows.

How can I
write data in real time to a dashboard with the Data Integration Platform?

Using the Data Integration Platform, you can get data from multiple sources, store it in a target database, and then design your dashboard.

In your example, how would you show a new tweet in the dashboard without clicking a refresh button?

An autorefresh option is provided in the dashboard.

The refresh-by-time is pooling and we need refresh-by-event, like SignalR. Is there any way to refresh by event between the Data Integration Platform and the dashboard?


Can we make a process that listens to webhook events instead of scheduling checks?

Yes, sure.

Does the software run in the background or must the browser always be open to let it run?

The Data Integration Platform will run in the background. To view the UI, we need to use the browser.

Can you show how to set up a connection to a database?

Yes. The procedure is detailed here:

Do you have a Teradata driver/connection? Is it .NET or ODBC?

The Data Integration Platform can connect with Teradata using a JDBC connection.

Can the Data Integration Platform be used in many platforms for our business?


I am working on a statistical data warehouse project. Can the Data Integration Platform transform data into certain data formats? For example, SDMX?

Currently, we don’t have support for SDMX, but we can achieve it using a custom processor.

How scalable is the tool? How long does it take to transform 1 million rows of data?

The Data Integration Platform is based on JVM memory, which we can scale based on our input data size. We can transform 1 million rows of data within 5 to 10 minutes. It will vary.

With the Community License, may I sell my applications created with Syncfusion?

Yes. However, you may only distribute the finished product without source code.

Is it possible to integrate Syncfusion as an OEM product?

Yes, but only with a flat license, which covers the distribution of source code.

Our company doesn’t qualify for the free version, is there a trial version before we buy a license?

Yes. A 30-day free trial is available at


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