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Syncfusion to exhibit at Visual Studio Partner Summit 2017

We are looking forward to attending and exhibiting at Microsoft’s Visual Studio Partner Summit 2017 in Redmond, Washington on September 20–22, 2017. This is an exclusive annual event for Visual Studio partners hosted by the Visual Studio Partner Program.

Syncfusion is a Premier member of the Visual Studio Partner Program. Through this program, we can access marketing and technical benefits, which enables us to support the latest versions of Microsoft developer products.

At this event, keynotes will be delivered by executives from Microsoft and Forrester Research, as well as other Microsoft subject matter experts across both engineering and marketing teams.

During the Day 1 Technology Showcase, we will highlight the latest version of Essential Studio for Xamarin, which now includes more than 90 Xamarin controls. We’ll also feature our Dashboard Platform, which recently added support for data notifications, multi-tabbed dashboards, and custom widgets.

(Editor’s note: Speaking of the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform, it and the Syncfusion Big Data Platform are currently available in the Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program! Join today to get access to these and many other free tools.)

We’re looking forward to meeting with Microsoft and Xamarin MVPs and learning about the exciting products and strategies the Visual Studio Partner Program team has to share with us. We hope to see you there too!

Learn more about our products and the Visual Studio Partner Program:

·       Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin

·       Syncfusion Dashboard Platform

Want to test drive our controls? Check out the free, 30-day trial of Essential Studio Enterprise Edition. If you’re an individual developer or start-up, check out the free Community License.


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