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Syncfusion Sponsors Vue.js Development

This month, Syncfusion became a Patreon Gold Sponsor of Vue.js, an open source, progressive JavaScript framework. For web developers, the framework is approachable, versatile, and efficient.

Syncfusion chose to work with Vue.js. because it has a full plugin model that enables us to easily integrate and enhance the platform. We extended the platform with more than 45 Vue UI components, including a data grid, chart, diagram, document editor, rich text editor, and schedule.

Additional Vue.js features include:

  • Data binding support: We can use HTML-based template syntax that allows you to bind the rendered DOM to the Vue instance’s data. The core feature of Vue.js is its reactive data binding system. It keeps data updated with the DOM on data changes.
  • Module injection support: Each Essential JS 2 component’s features are separated as modules. Our module injection support enables end users to inject only needed, specific features of a component in their application. Module injection reduces the final bundle size of the application by removing unnecessary modules.
  • State management support: We allow dynamic state changes on components. This enables compatibility between multiple state management libraries, such as Vuex, and official Flux-like implementation. These libraries are responsible for the flow of data and keep track of it between multiple components and large applications.
  • Vue template engine support: The Vue template engine uses the virtual DOM to render a template function into HTML content. By using the reactivity system, Vue can intelligently figure out the minimal number of components to re-render and apply the minimal amount of DOM manipulations when the app state changes. Our Essential JS 2 components can be customized using these Vue templates.

As we are extending the functionality of the Vue.js framework, we want to make sure that we support the great development work of the Vue community, led by Evan You, the creator of Vue.js. Through our sponsorship, we can show our appreciation of their work and promote the active development of Vue.js.

To learn more about Vue.js or contribute to the project, visit To view Syncfusion’s Vue.js controls, please visit

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