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Syncfusion Reviews Outreach Team: An Overview

Syncfusion Reviews Outreach Team: An Overview

Someone once said, “In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers, know the true importance of human connection.”

Why do we have a Reviews Outreach Team?

Syncfusion’s Reviews Outreach team strives to establish a genuine connection with customers by asking for their feedback. It is through this connection that we get to the heart of our customers’ experience with our products. We learn what works and what could work better, starting a powerful chain reaction that affects our community of customers, future customers, and the Syncfusion team members who create, sell, and market our products.

Customer feedback directly benefits other users

When our customers take time to write candid reviews on third-party sites, they assist future consumers in their decision-making process. That is why the Reviews Outreach team is a vital component of the Syncfusion ecosystem. Team members span the United States and Kenya, working solely to communicate with customers around the world to learn about their experiences. We at Syncfusion strongly believe that these one-on-one connections promote and produce an effective outreach program.

Directly encouraging customers to share their feedback has turned out to be more difficult than Alicia Morris, Syncfusion’s VP of Marketing, expected. “Not everyone who uses a product considers reviewing it on a third-party site,” she said, “even if that site influenced their purchase. The Reviews Outreach team is reshaping this process.”

Online reviews by our customers positively impact future consumers. In “51 Customer Review Statistics to Make You Rethink Using Them,” the author, Kristin McCabe, states, “About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase.” She also notes that 72% of consumers will not make purchasing decisions without access to credible customer testimonials and feedback. 

Customer feedback drives future development

Our customers’ reviews on G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius open the door for our product teams to identify where product enhancements are needed and understand what our customers like about our products. Ultimately, they spark creativity for new and innovative ideas.

For example, a customer review on G2 concerning their experience with BoldSign, Syncfusion’s electronic signature application, revealed that they wanted to keep individual signed documents separate, not combined into a single document, as the default behavior required. The Reviews Outreach team directed this suggestion to the product team, and in turn, the product team prepared the requested feature for an upcoming release. Each review connects the users of our products with our product teams, and through this relationship, we build innovative solutions together.

Your comments and suggestions keep us going

Finally, customer reviews and feedback motivate and inspire all Syncfusion team members to continue growing, learning, and building. Your words matter to us. Not only do we share your input with our product and support teams, but we also cheer on team members internally, sharing your encouraging words and praise. This positivity evokes a sense of joy and validation in all of us.

Gathering feedback from customers is the goal of our Reviews Outreach team. It connects our customers with our product development teams, future buyers, and all Syncfusion employees. To those who have invested time in writing a review for any Syncfusion product on a third-party site: Thank you so much because it matters to all of us!

Check out reviews from users like you

To learn more about what our customers have to say about Syncfusion products, check us out on G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

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