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Syncfusion Celebrates Sim-Shipping ES with VS 2017

As you’ve probably noticed, Visual Studio 2017 was released on Tuesday. Excitement has been mounting since the release candidate came out in November, and the final version is finally here. We at Syncfusion have been jumping up and down—usually figuratively, but sometimes literally—with anticipation because we’ve been wanting to share that we’re SIM-SHIPPING Essential Studio 2017 Volume 1 with Visual Studio 2017!

Oh yes, that’s 800+ Essential Studio components and frameworks fully compatible with VS2017, all for your seamless developing convenience. You are very welcome.

We were so excited about sim-shipping we had to throw an early party for Visual Studio 2017 and keep it secret until now. After all, it’s not every year you turn 20 and become a brand new version of yourself. We strongly felt this deserved cake.

We also helped others celebrate. On the launch date, Syncfusion sponsored lunch for TRINUG, the Triangle .NET User Group, as they watched the launch video cast live. This was followed by cake and avid discussion of Visual Studio 2017’s new features and improvements.