Introducing Syncfusion Notification Support for Visual Studio
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Introducing Syncfusion Notification Support for Visual Studio

Introducing Syncfusion Notification Support for Visual Studio

We are glad to announce that Syncfusion Notification support for Visual Studio is now available in our Essential Studio 2023 Volume 2 release.

The new notification feature notifies users that they are using a trial version when they have installed Syncfusion’s trial NuGet packages or that they need a higher version of Syncfusion NuGet packages when they have installed lower versions.

It also alerts users of a newer version of the Syncfusion Essential Studio build. This ensures that they know about the availability of updates and are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version for enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

Supported platforms

From the 2023 Volume 2 release onward, Syncfusion provides Visual Studio notification support for the following platforms:

Syncfusion Visual Studio notification support

The Options page in Visual Studio allows you to customize notifications, enabling or disabling trial version and newer version alerts by setting the value as True or False, respectively.

To enable the notifications, open Visual Studio and navigate to Debug -> Options -> Syncfusion. Locate the desired platform and set the Trial and Newer versions as True. By doing so, Syncfusion notification support will be enabled.

Enabling the notification support

Conversely, if you set the Trial and Newer versions as False, Syncfusion notification support will be disabled.

Disabling the notification support

Types of notifications

Syncfusion’s Visual Studio notification support includes the following three distinct types of notifications:

1. Notification of trial license usage

When users have the trial versions of Syncfusion’s NuGet packages, it is essential to notify them of the trial status. This notification support plays a vital role in alerting users, ensuring they are aware of the trial usage, and encouraging them to consider acquiring the full version of Syncfusion’s NuGet packages.

By displaying a clear and concise “This application uses a trial Syncfusion license” message, developers are reminded to explore the full potential of the packages and evaluate the benefits of obtaining the complete version.

Notification of trial license usage

2. New/latest Syncfusion NuGet package notification

To keep developers up to date with the latest advancements, notifications alert users to the availability of higher versions of Syncfusion NuGet packages. 

When developers have installed lower versions of Syncfusion NuGet packages, they receive an informative “A new version of Syncfusion NuGet Packages is available” notification. This empowers them to easily identify opportunities to upgrade and gain access to new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Notification for new Syncfusion NuGet package availability

3. New/latest Syncfusion Essential Studio Build notification

Syncfusion notification support also assists developers in optimizing their usage of the Syncfusion Essential Studio build.

When developers have installed a lower version of the Syncfusion Essential Studio build, they are notified with an alert stating, “A new version of Syncfusion Essential Studio is available.” This notification acts as a catalyst, encouraging developers to leverage the latest version of Syncfusion Essential Studio, which encompasses an array of new controls, improved functionalities, and enhanced stability. 

Notification for new Syncfusion Essential Studio Build availability


Thanks for reading! In this blog, we’ve explored the new Syncfusion Visual Studio Notification support rolled out in the 2023 Volume 2 release.  With this support, users are notified of the availability of new versions and encouraged to upgrade to the latest version for enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

Check out our Release Notes and the What’s New pages to see other updates in this release, and share your feedback as comments in this blog.

You can also reach us through our support forumssupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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