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Interview with Entity Framework Core Succinctly Author

Recently, we published Ricardo Peres’s Entity Framework Core Succinctly. Following is a short interview with the author on the subject of his new e-book.

1. What should people know about Entity Framework Core? Why is it important?

This is the next generation Entity Framework, more lightweight, extensible, and with some really useful features (shadow state, global filters, client evaluation of LINQ functions, to name just a few) that don’t exist in previous versions.

2. When did you first become interested in this subject?

I started working with Entity Framework when it first came out, in 2009, and have been following it since. I wrote my book Entity Framework Code First Succinctly in 2015 and I was especially interested because I had previous experience with NHibernate but was unsatisfied with some aspects of it.

3. By writing this e-book, did you learn anything new yourself?

I sure have, technically (I had to dig into the source code), organizationally speaking, and in personal ways.

4. How will Entity Framework change over the next few years?

Microsoft has a lot of weight behind it, so, chances are, it will evolve greatly. It has also benefited from the development community, with some pull requests having found their place in the final product. I foresee nonrelational databases finally coming into place and better support for different databases.

5. Do you see Entity Framework Core as part of a larger trend in software development?

Indeed. When using .NET Core, there isn’t much of an alternative in the O/RM world to Entity Framework Core. With the trend moving to nonrelational databases, I think EF Core will play a very important role, as it’s the only one having explicit support for it on its roadmap.

6. What other books or resources on this topic do you recommend?

I post regularly on .NET Core on my blog and there are always the Succinctly e-books. Other than that, keep an eye on what Scott Hanselman, Diego Vega, and Damien Edwards have to say.

To download your copy of Entity Framework Core Succinctly, go here. Check out our other short e-books on popular technologies on our e-book page. If you’ve already looked through this latest Succinctly book, let us know what you think in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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