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Master Guide from Setup to Deployment of Dashboard

As any of you who frequent our blog may have noticed, we are super enthusiastic about our Dashboard Platform and helping you use these business intelligence tools to their full advantage. We have even more how-to blogs than we realized! However, it’s kind of a pain to scroll back in time to see if we might have that one blog post you’re looking for. So, we’ve compiled a list of our related blog posts for your easier perusal.

Bookmark this blog! We’ll continue to update it with future posts and tutorials.


Getting Started with the Dashboard Platform:

Setting up the Server the First Time

How-to Sample: Installation and Configuration

How-to Sample: Creating a Simple Dashboard

How to: Setting Up the Server in Azure

How-to: Navigate the Designer Interface


Managing Dashboard Data:

How-to: Connecting to Data and Transforming It

Using the Data Integration Platform to Create a Dashboard Platform Data Source


Creating and Using Dashboard Filters:

How-to: Working with Filters

Filter Panel

Filtering Data Based on User


Viewing and Sharing:

Monitoring Dashboards on the Go!

Raw Data View

How-To: Share Dashboards

How-To: Working with Images


Advanced Features:

How-To: Working with Multi-Tabbed Dashboards

How to Deal with Errors

Embedding a Dashboard in a Webpage

Grid: Setup, Customization, Conditional Formatting, and KPIs

How-To: Working with Parameters

How-To: Configuring Data Notifications

Live Twitter Feeds


Configuring Single Sign On (SSO)


Would you like to see any particular how-to blogs for our business intelligence tools? Let us know in the comments below.


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