How BoldSign Improved HR Operations at Syncfusion
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How BoldSign Improved HR Operations at Syncfusion

How BoldSign Improved HR Operations at Syncfusion

TL;DR: Syncfusion BoldSign simplifies electronic signatures, enabling quicker approvals, enhanced compliance, and a happier workforce with just a tap or click. Let’s see how it helped us to revolutionize our HR operations.

At Syncfusion, we recently experienced a significant transformation in our HR department’s efficiency thanks to BoldSign, our own robust electronic signature solution.

Having well over a thousand employees in multiple offices, Syncfusion’s HR team needed to streamline its document management, employee onboarding, and many other HR-related processes. BoldSign has been a game-changer.

Seamless integration and immediate impact

We quickly integrated BoldSign into our existing HR systems and witnessed an immediate improvement in operational efficiency. The platform’s intuitive interface and easy-to-use features allowed the HR team to manage documents electronically, significantly reducing the time spent manually printing, delivering, and scanning them.

Quantifiable benefits and time savings

The implementation of BoldSign throughout Syncfusion led to remarkable time savings and efficiency gains. Here’s a breakdown of the impact:

Document management

Managing employment contracts and policy documents for a large workforce was a monumental challenge for us. BoldSign reduced document processing time by 70%, freeing up HR professionals to focus on more important tasks.

Cost savings

Transitioning to a paperless process, Syncfusion saved approximately 5,000 sheets of paper annually, underscoring the environmental benefits of using BoldSign. Additionally, the reduction in paper, printing, and storage costs contributed to significant cost savings.

Automated reminders and notifications

BoldSign’s automated reminder system significantly reduced follow-up time. Before BoldSign, HR team members spent approximately five hours a week tracking document statuses and sending reminders. With BoldSign, this time was reduced to virtually zero, thanks to automated notifications ensuring timely document completion.

Error reduction in document processing

Manual document processing is prone to errors, such as missing signatures or incorrect information, which requires rounds of corrections and approvals. BoldSign’s digital platform minimized these errors through features like automatic field validation and signature tracking. This improvement resulted in a 90% reduction in document errors, enhancing processing efficiency.

Streamlined performance review process

Enabling electronic submissions and evaluations streamlined the performance review process. Previously, compiling and reviewing performance documents took around four hours per employee per review cycle—that’s 6,000 hours per review cycle, at minimum. With BoldSign, this time was cut in half, allowing for more frequent and efficient performance assessments.

Enhanced collaboration across departments

BoldSign facilitated easier collaboration between HR and other departments for cross-verification of documents and approvals. The time taken for interdepartmental document processing decreased from several days to just a few hours, fostering a more cohesive and efficient organizational workflow.

Increased scalability for HR operations

As Syncfusion grows, BoldSign’s scalability has allowed the HR department to efficiently manage an increasing volume of documents without a proportional increase in administrative staff or resources. This scalability has been crucial in supporting the company’s rapid growth and global expansion efforts.

Data-driven insights for continuous improvement

BoldSign’s analytics features provided Syncfusion’s HR team with valuable insights into process bottlenecks and areas for improvement. By analyzing document turnaround times and completion rates, the HR department could identify trends and implement targeted strategies to further enhance efficiency and employee experience.

Enhanced security and compliance

BoldSign’s advanced security features ensured that all documents were encrypted and securely stored, providing Syncfusion with the peace of mind that sensitive employee information is protected. Moreover, BoldSign’s compliance with global and industry-specific regulations made it the perfect fit for Syncfusion.

Employee satisfaction and HR productivity

The HR team at Syncfusion reported a significant increase in productivity and job satisfaction. BoldSign’s ease of use and efficiency allowed the team to allocate more time to strategic HR initiatives rather than getting bogged down in paperwork. Furthermore, the faster onboarding process improved the experience for new hires, setting a positive tone for their journey at Syncfusion.

Broader impact on the organization

The integration of BoldSign into Syncfusion’s HR operations has not only achieved significant time savings and efficiency gains but has also set a precedent for transformation across the organization. The success observed within HR has prompted other departments to explore how BoldSign and Syncfusion’s other enterprise solutions can revolutionize their own processes, setting off an organizational shift toward further innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence through the very tools we build for businesses of all kinds.


Thank you for joining us in exploring how BoldSign has improved HR operations at Syncfusion. If you need further assistance or wish to learn more about BoldSign and its features, please feel free to schedule a demo. For subscription plan details, please visit the BoldSign pricing page. 

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